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Basic information

  • Length of voyage: 553
  • Number of locks: 33
  • Trip duration: 21 days
  • Type of cruise: round trip

We offer you a peaceful region, with many lakes and rich fauna and flora.

The Mecklenburg Lakes are made up of more than a thousand interconnected lakes surrounded by forests, meadows and marshes. Maximum relaxation is offered by an ecologically pure natural paradise, which is complemented by the region's functional infrastructure.

TheLittle Mecklenburg Lakes - an impressive area south of Müritz with more than 300 interconnected lakes. Narrow, deep lakes alternate with circular water bodies and short canals, creating a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Often in this striking landscape, you will only discover the connecting channel between the lakes when you are sailing just past its mouth. But white signposts dating back to before German reunification will help you find your way.

The small Mecklenburg lakes are basically made up of two waterways - the Müritz-Havola road runs from Müritz to Priepert and the Upper Havola road runs from Neustrelitz via Priepert to Liebenwalde, north of Berlin. On these routes numerous detours can be made, for example to the waters of the Rheinsberg, Lychen, Templin or Wentow.

Don't miss a visit to the rococo castle in Rheinsberg, which is sure to enchant you. Perhaps the most beautiful stretch is the Steinhavel between Fürstenberg and Lake Ziemsee.

TheGreat Mecklenburg Lakes - Lake Müritz is the largest body of water in the Mecklenburg Lakes, covering an area of 117 km2, measuring about 15 km from west to east and about 25 km from north to south. From the base of Hafendorf Mürizt, the northern shore is only visible in clear weather. The lake offers plenty of space for sailing or houseboat trips.