Eeklo – Gent – Oudenaarde – Kortrijk – Eeklo

Destinations / Belgium / Flanders / Eeklo – Gent – Oudenaarde – Kortrijk – Eeklo

Map of the navigation area of Eeklo, Flanders, Belgium

Basic information

  • Number of locks: 13
  • Trip duration: 7 days
  • Type of cruise: there and back
  • Length of cruise: 156

Not only pralines and chocolate await you in Belgium! Besides beer and waffles, you will be fascinated by the rich cultural heritage!

If you want to enjoy yourself, have some mussels! As a side dish, you will usually get chips and tartare. Also the stewed chicken with white leeks is a treat. The natural beauty and romantic corners are waiting for you. Ghent is a city brimming with art and culture. Amazing houses and flower gardens can be seen on the small canal between Ghent and Deinze. In Deinze, the Ooidonk Castle stands majestically.

Did you know that there are 680 different beers to taste in Belgium? The concentration of listed buildings in Ghent will not let you sleep.

There are numerous public moorings in Ghent city centre. Nothing will stand in the way of a peaceful houseboat cruise.