Land of pralines, waffles and quiet canals

You don't have to go on a week-long holiday to enjoy some peace and relaxation. Even a short trip, perhaps for a long weekend, can replenish your missing energy. The ideal destination to head to for a few days is Belgium, a country whose dramatic architecture and rich culture will leave you spellbound. Expect a friendly welcome, perfect chocolates and a tranquil landscape interspersed with medieval towns that are best explored by cruising the old Flemish waterways.

Just like old times

Belgium's rich history is evident at virtually every turn. You'll feel it even as you cruise around on a rented houseboat, which gives you a different perspective on Belgium's major cities. A dense network of canals and rivers lets you look exactly where you want to go.

But you'll find excellent chocolate and beer wherever you go. Most captains point their boats towards Flanders, the coastal part of this small country. The region's unmistakable Belgian cuisine is interspersed with natural beauty, characterized by windmills, meadows, marshes and sandy beaches.

The region's interesting culture is not lacking either — the Gothic architectural grandeur is more evident here than in any European country, and you won't cease to be fascinated by the cathedrals and churches you visit within days.

Water canal and historic houses in Ghent, Belgium

City of Ghent

Who will enjoy a houseboat holiday in Belgium?

  • Gourmet. Carbonade flamande with fries you can not miss. But it's not just this sweet and sour dish that awaits you in the land of lace.
  • Sugarholics. If you have a sweet tooth, Belgium will win your heart quickly - chocolate, waffles and butter cookies will have you eating from morning till night.
  • Beer drinkers. Few countries can match the Czech Republic for the quality of their beer. Belgium is one of them.
  • History lovers. Gothic architecture will entertain you. You can intersperse a tour of the city's important districts with admiring the cathedrals and churches.
  • Visitors to museums. There are so many museums open in Belgium that you won't know which to visit first during your holiday.
  • Cyclists. Not only the Dutch, but also their Belgian neighbours can't imagine their lives without a bike.
  • Calm types. Do you like to relax, but would you trade nature for slow cities full of cute cafes? You'll be right at home in Belgium.
  • Families with children. Even the smaller members of the crew will enjoy Belgium. The country offers a wide range of activities that won't bore the kids.
  • Swimmers. Jump the dart into the water straight from the deck of the houseboat! Even in the north, you can enjoy some great water fun in good weather.
Zeebrugge, harbour town, view of the sandy beach and houses

The port city of Zeebrugge

Now all you have to do is pick the right houseboat. I'd be happy to help you. Let me know.