Choosing a houseboat: which class to go for based on comfort

Houseboats, just like hotels, are categorised according to the level of comfort and luxury they offer. What classes of houseboats exist, what to expect from them and which is the right one for you?

First time on a houseboat / Choosing a houseboat

Two main criteria are important when choosing any houseboat — the level of comfort and the rental price. All our houseboats are divided into five groups according to these criteria — Exclusive, Comfort, Standard, Economic and Basic. So, how do these different classes differ, and which should you choose?

There is no bad category

Travelling on a houseboat isn't just about choosing the right destination and deciding how many days to spend on board. You and your fellow houseboaters will also need to choose a boat to accompany you on your adventure. We'll leave it up to you to choose the specific model, but we can advise you on the comfort class of boat to aim for and what to expect from it.

Firstly, you don't have to be concerned that boats with a lower comfort level, i.e. Basic or Economic, are poorly-equipped or in bad condition. All of our houseboats maintain a high quality and have all the necessary amenities. So, inside every one you'll find a cabin with beds, a central living area and a galley that includes a stove, fridge, dishes and other essentials for preparing meals on board. When we talk about level of comfort, it is purely determined by the age of the boat and the amenities available above this guaranteed minimum.

Will Standard be enough?

The most common dilemma our customers face is the choice between the Standard and Comfort categories. These are our most desirable groups of boats, which will satisfy the vast majority of travellers who are looking to explore Europe from the helm.

If you opt for this happy medium, the Standard category, you will get the widest choice of models. As this is the most popular category, you'll find more than 160 different boats available across the continent. When you charter, you'll also have outdoor furniture and linen on hand, along with the basic equipment. Add to that the affordable price, and this is an ideal category to cater for a wide range of people, including families with children who don't have anyone to share the cost of their rental.

Houseboat the Erwi on the left and Kormoran 1260 the Fischreiher

Houseboat the Erwi on the left and Kormoran 1260 the Fischreiher

Comfort class boats tend to be newer and more spacious

The next class up is the Comfort category, which is typically houseboats aged between 5 and 10 years and more spacious than the Standard class. In addition to the basic equipment, several models are also equipped with a bow thruster, air conditioning and a bimini top. In our range you will find more than 70 boats in this group, which will make a faithful companion on European waters.

For pure comfort and luxury: choose an Exclusive houseboat

If none of the above categories of boats have grabbed you, don't be disheartened. For the most discerning among you, who want maximum comfort and complete self-sufficiency during your cruise, we offer Exclusive boats. This category includes the latest boat models, and brings with it the latest technology and a host of modern and carefully thought out features and amenities. Exclusive class houseboats also boast an impressive, spacious upper deck with barbecue and cooler. The living room and kitchen are bright and spacious, as are the bathrooms.

Of course, our customers who are not demanding, can enjoy their holiday in more modest conditions with out Economic and Basic categories, which offer very reasonable rental prices.

On the left houseboat Nicols Estivale Octo, on the right houseboat Minuetto 6+

On the left houseboat Nicols Estivale Octo, on the right houseboat Minuetto 6+

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