Piaski – Wierzba – Pisz – Mikolajki – Piaski / southern circuit

Destinations / Poland / Masurian Lakes / Piaski – Wierzba – Pisz – Mikolajki – Piaski / southern circuit

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Basic information

  • Trip duration: 10 days
  • Type of cruise: there and back
  • Number of locks: 2

The Great Masurian Lakes — the natural beauty of the original moraine landscape is almost legendary. In total, Masuria is made up of nearly 3,000 mostly wide-spreading "trough" lakes. The most beautiful 25 of them are connected by picturesque canals and romantic riverbeds. The clear bodies of water play with various shades of colour, from "ultramarine" blue to emerald green. In the landscape, you may see ancient avenues and cobbled paths, perhaps encountering a crane or sea eagle, or a bison or beaver. The surrounding landscape is rather flat, with the highest hills reaching a maximum height of 300 m above sea level. You are in a protected nature reserve in an ecologically high quality environment. Fishing in these rich waters is possible with a permit.

Lake Sniardwy and the south of Masuria — the region is flatter and sandier than in the north. It offers beautiful quiet places, such as Mikolajki, which has been called the Venice of Masuria, with preserved buildings from the 18th century. The Sniardwy lake can be reached (via a marked canal) to the town of Pisz or via the Wierzba system of lakes to Ruciane-Nida. To the south of this renowned excursion centre (swimming, fishing, summer concerts) you can visit the Zoo in Kadzilowo. The lake covers an area of about 114 km and with winds of more than 3 st. Beaufort scale, sailing is not allowed. There are only 2 locks in the area, and they are at the less visited lakes.