Gizycko – Wegorzewo – Gyzicko – Pisz – Ruciane-Nida – Gizycko

Destinations / Poland / Masurian Lakes / Gizycko – Wegorzewo – Gyzicko – Pisz – Ruciane-Nida – Gizycko

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Basic information

  • Cruise length: 262 km
  • Trip duration: 14 days
  • Type of cruise: there and back
  • Number of locks: 2

This beautiful region of Poland is a wonder of nature. The Masurian Lakes consist of more than 2,000 interconnected lakes, all surrounded by lush and unspoilt nature. Come to the heart of Poland to discover its most beautiful and historic sights and, of course, the rich local cuisine.

The north of Masuria — Lake Mamry and others covering a total area of 104 km are surrounded by dense forests and fertile landscapes. Don't forget to visit the town of Gizycko, with its massive fortress, 19th-century swing bridge and heavy shipping traffic. As you sail further north you will pass Cormorant Island, visit the castle of the Lords of Lehndorff in Sztynort or visit the ruins of the Knights' Castle in Wegorzewo. This town lies just 20 km from the Russian border and is impressive for its arts and crafts.

Lake Sniardwy and southern Masuria — the region is flatter and sandier than in the north. It offers beautiful quiet places, such as Mikolajki, which has been called the Venice of Masuria, with preserved buildings from the 18th century. The Sniardwy lake can be reached (via a marked canal) to the town of Pisz or via the Wierzba system of lakes to Ruciane-Nida. To the south of this renowned excursion centre (swimming, fishing, summer concerts) you can visit the Zoo in Kadzilowo. The lake covers an area of about 114 km and with winds of more than 3 on Beaufort scale, sailing is not allowed. There are only 2 locks in the area, and they are at the less visited lakes.