Berlin-Oder: Zeuthen – Fürstenwalde – Eisenhüttenstadt – Frankfurt – Oderberg – Oranienburg – Berlin – Zeuthen

Destinations / Germany / Spreewald / Berlin–Oder: Zeuthen – Fürstenwalde – Eisenhüttenstadt – Frankfurt – Oderberg – Oranienburg – Berlin – Zeuthen

Zeuthen - Bad Saarow - Teupitz and back

Basic information

  • Number of locks: 10
  • Trip duration: 10 days
  • Type of cruise: circular tour
  • Length of cruise: 344

The Dahme River Southeast of Berlin lies a landscape of canals and lakes. The Dahme River flows into the River Spree in Köpenick, and in the south the Dahme connects a series of lakes. You sail past the green shores of Lake Zeuthen and Lake Sellzug, the places where German history was written (Königs-Wusterhausen Castle). At Prieros, each crew has to choose whether to the right into the calm still waters at Teupitz or to the left towards Storkow, along the canals decorated withwater lilies, to the "Sea of Mecklenburg", Lake Scharmützel, where the spa services of Bad Saarow can be enjoyed. The third option is to sail directly, further down the Dahme River to Buchholz in the Marche. After the reunification of Germany, interest in the waterway area south of Berlin is experiencing an unprecedented rise. However, it is not possible to sail on this route with vetus boats. The River Spree At Schmöckwitz, the Spree-Oder waterway separates from the River Dahme. From Seddingsee, the canal leads further east to Fürstenwalde with its 500-year-old cathedral and offers children a welcome stop in Spreewald (entertainment possibilities). A detour at Neuhauser Speisekanal reaches another chain of lakes and takes you to Lake Schwieloch. 

A cruise further east along the Spree-Oder waterway will take you via Eisenhüttenstadt to the Oder River, which forms the border with Poland here. From here, continue north to Frankfurt am Oder/Slubice, which offers a lot of culture. From Küstrin onwards, the Oder flows through its original floodplains, forests and marshes until it turns west towards Berlin or Müritz. 

The Oder River A trip into history and the world of technology is offered by the Finow-Oder waterway. From the Havel-Oder Canal, you turn into the Finow Canal: the calm waters with 12 locks dating back to the last century. The Finow Canal is Germany's oldest still navigable waterway. Hand-operated culverts, industrial architectural gems such as steel-riveted bridges, old bastions and deepbrick houses and densely vegetated banks give you the feeling of being in another century. After the last lock of the Liepe you reach the Niederfinow ship lock, which bridges the 36-metre difference between the level of the Havel-Oder Canal and the Oder in 5 minutes. You can also turn here to the Oderberg or the Werbellinsee. 

From Hafendorf Müritz and from Zeuthen you can cover this Finow-Oder route in 7 to 14 days. To sail this route you need a Sportbootführerschein Binnen. This can be replaced by a provisional permit, the so-called Charterschein, which you receive after training (theory approx. 2 hours, sailing approx. 1 hour).