Brandenburg-Plaue – Wasserstraßenkreuz – Magdeburg – Havelberg – Rathenow – Bra

Destinations / Germany / Brandenburg / Brandenburg-Plaue – Wasserstraßenkreuz – Magdeburg – Havelberg – Rathenow – Bra

Berlin_Brandenburg_Germany_map of the navigation area

Basic information

  • Length of voyage: 225
  • Number of locks: 9
  • Trip duration: 7 days
  • Type of cruise: circular tour

Lower Havel River (Untere Havel) The river flows in a wide channel towards the Elbe, through a forested areaand attracts with its small number of locks and numerous opportunities for swimming and anchoring. From the new base in the Brandenburg district of Plaue, you can sail without a skipper's licence as far as Quitzobel, where the last arm of the Havel joins the Elbe.

The route will take you through a landscape rich in flora and fauna to the town of Rathenow, which is famous for its horticultural show and offers numerous moorings close to the centre. Also visit the nearby tourist destination - the 10 km long system of lakes called the Hohennauenere Wasserstrasse. Here you can reach not only the bathing bays but also the golf course by boat. At the same time, you can be tempted by the specialities of the renowned local restaurants. The city of Brandenburg and Lake Beetzsee The Lower Havel Waterway is one of the most varied in Germany.

North of Brandenburg lies the Beetzsee-Riewendsee-Wasserstrasse, which consists of a 20 km long system of lakes with quiet beaches and pleasant anchorages. West of Brandenburg are the lakes Quenzsee, Breitlingsee, Mösersee and Plauer See. The shores of the lakes are unusually flat, which makes anchoring very easy and well-marked.

To sail on this route you need a boat driving licence, the so-called Sportbootführerschein Binnen. This can be replaced by a provisional permit, the so-called Charterschein, which you receive after training at the base. Elbe between Magdeburg and Dömitz On the route between Magdeburg and Havelberg or Dömitz you can experience a little adrenaline cruise even with a houseboat: The Elbe River flows at an average speed of 5 km/h, if you add the speed of the houseboat of 10 km/h, you almost get the feeling of sailing on the sea...