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Nivernais, Loire, Yonne, France, navigation area, map

Basic information

  • Cruise length: 136 km
  • Trip duration: 7 days
  • Type of cruise: one-way route
  • Number of locks: 67

You are on the border between Nivernais and Burgundy. The proximity to Paris (about 2.5 hours) makes this location attractive. Numerous historic villages and towns, the coves of 3 waterways, rocks and woods attract you to stop. Don't miss the beauty of ancient Auxerre or Mailly-le-Chateau with its interesting rock outcrop. There are opportunities for fishing and climbing on the walls of the Saussois.

Canal du Nivernais:

- Built between 1783 and 1842, the canal connects the Loire and Seine rivers and is often called the most beautiful of French river routes.

From Joigny you sail southwards through a peaceful landscape of pastures and forests alongside historic wine-growing villages.

Don't miss a visit to the town of Auxerre with its cathedral, basilica and typical Burgundian houses with gilded bricks, you will approach the town of Vézelay, the starting point of the Compostella trail, and see the impressive La Colancelle tunnels at the mouth of 16 period locks.

The landscape and architecture of the Nivernais region are as inviting as the bottle of Chablis served with the quail.

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