Dompierre - Decize - Cercy - Chatillon-en-Bazois and back

Destinations / France / Nivernais, Loire, Yonne / Dompierre - Decize - Cercy - Chatillon-en-Bazois and back

Nivernais, Loire, Yonne, France, navigation area, map

Basic information

  • Cruise length: 170 km
  • Trip duration: days
  • Type of cruise: there and back 
  • Number of locks: 58

At Decize, you sail a little way down the Loire through the lush landscape of the Morvan massif into the southern Nivernais Canal. The cruise through the Yonne valley to the Canal du Nivernais takes you through a rural landscape. At every bend in the river, at every lock, there is a view from which the tower of a Romanesque church points unexpectedly skywards.

The Saussois area beckons with its quiet, steep rocky hills where climbing enthusiasts try their luck. Old towns such as Clamecy and Châtel-Censoir, the treasures of Vézelay Cathedral and the restaurants of Joigny and Auxerre are among the highlights of the programme.

The landscape and architecture of the Nivernais region are as inviting as the bottle of Chablis served with the quail.

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