Homps - Colombiers - Agde - Carnon (or vice versa)

Destinations / France / Canal du Midi / Homps - Colombiers - Agde - Carnon (or vice versa)

Homps, Canal du Midi, France, navigation area

Basic information

  • Cruise length: 143 km
  • Trip duration: 7 days
  • Type of cruise: one-way route
  • Number of locks: 17

The cruise through the most productive wine region will begin in Homps. Near Homps lies the beautiful 14th century town of Argens-Minervois. The Chateau de Paraza is home to a famous winery. In Le Somail, you can rent a legend among cars, the Mythic 2 CV, and set off to explore the area. If time permits, head towards the town of Narbonne. Capestang boasts a magnificent cathedral and a 14th-century castle. Cruise through the Malpas Tunnel and you'll find yourself in Colombiers, then scale the cascading locks at Fonserrannes and you're in one of the most important towns on the Canal du Midi - Béziers. There are many beaches around the towns of Port Cassafieres and Agde. The Étang de Thau stands out for its fauna and flora. The port town of Séte is also worth a visit. If you have time left over, visit Aigues Mortes, the city of the Crusades.

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