The land of a thousand lakes, deep forests and Finnish saunas.

Discover that Finland's proverbial closed-mindedness no longer applies and discover the beauty of this Nordic country. We would like to introduce you to the region also known as Lakeland, in this region in the central part of Finland most of the land surface is covered with crystal lakes. It is here that you will find everything that is so typical of Finland, here that the Finnish identity was born.

Does Finland sound like a destination where you should go on a houseboat holiday? Maybe you should visit this Scandinavian country all the more. While the long, hard winter is typical of Finland, during the summer months the country, especially in its southern, turns into a paradise of sparkling lakes surrounded by green forests and illuminated by an almost never-setting sun.

Lakes interwoven with waterways

The fact that Finland has a place in our offer is evidenced by the fact that there are an incredible 15,000 kilometres of waterways in the country. This fact is strongly influenced by the country's historical development — the large amount of forests and the timber harvested from them has resulted in the development of water navigation, which is more typical of Finland than any other European country.

You'll enjoy houseboating in perfect conditions, especially in the Lakeland region, which is not nearly as rough as the uninitiated may imagine.

For example, you can experience unspoilt nature around Saimaa See, Europe's fourth largest lake. Located in the province of South Savo, it offers a wildly wooded landscape, rocky shores and thousands of lakes and smaller islands. Also worth a visit is Linnansaari National Park, home to the critically endangered ringed seal. For a different kind of landscape, visit Koli National Park on the western shore of Lake Pielinen. It was established to preserve the country's traditional agricultural heritage.

Who will enjoy a houseboat holiday in Finland?

  • Fishermen. Long and lazy mornings are commonplace in Finland during the summer months. Do you see yourself casting a rod yet?
  • Cultural enthusiasts. For practically the entire month of July, you can enjoy the Opera Festival in our base town of Savonlinna.
  • Sauna lovers. Do we need to explain this point at all when we invite you to a country with an unprecedented sauna tradition?
  • Observers. Not only is the fauna and flora in northern Europe unique. In addition, it still retains its wild character.
  • Calm types. Finland's vast lakes and quietly murmuring forests will soothe you for a long time to come.
  • Swimmers. The lakes in Scandinavia are not as icy as they may seem at first glance. We recommend jumping the dart right off the houseboat!
  • Travellers. If you go to Finland by car, you will also discover the Baltic countries along the way, which will definitely not be boring.

Now all you have to do is pick the right houseboat. I'd be happy to help you. Let me know.