Benson – Goring – Benson

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Map of the Thames River Navigation Area

Basic information

  • Cruise length: 75 km
  • Trip duration: 3 days
  • Type of cruise: there and back
  • Number of locks: 8

The famous River Thames flows through picturesque green countryside, historic towns and quaint English villages with riverside pubs. This region is the cradle of cricket and afternoon teas, riverside picnics. Sailing from our Benson base you can visit some of England's oldest and most picturesque towns: Marlow, Cookham, Pangbourne and Reading. Sailing east from the base, you'll reach Windsor, with its 1,000+ year history and its sprawling Royal Palace (you can tell if the Queen is home by the flag flying). The surrounding parks offer opportunities for cycling or horse riding, walks and picnics. Sailing west from the base, you will reach Oxford, which has been a centre of learning for over 800 years. Explore this lively city with its university stone buildings and many welcoming restaurants. This district is home to many music and TV stars, among others.