Discover Lesvos Island: A One-Week Itinerary

Lesbos is the third-largest Greek island and is known for its stunning natural beauty and crystal-clear waters. Experience unforgettable moments on a yacht!

The route near the beautiful Lesvos island is relatively uncomplicated, but sailors must be mindful of the notorious "meltemi" north winds that can arise during the summer months. However, Lesvos Island's position in the Aegean Sea results in less severe meltemi winds, making sailing a more comfortable and pleasant experience. Sailors should also exercise caution while navigating the island's unique terrain, which is dotted with rocks that are remnants of an ancient volcano.

Keep in mind that this is just inspiration for the cruise. Each itinerary must be planned with the current weather conditions and other factors in mind.

Itinerary: Mytilene Port – Saint Ermogenis Bay – Tarti Bay – Eros Beach – Sigri Bay – Molivos – Mytilene Port
Difficulty: medium
Lenght: a week route

Introduction to Lesvos

Sailing around Lesvos Island offers an extraordinary chance to discover one of the most exquisite sceneries in Greece. Lesvos Island is a stunning destination in Greece, known for its rugged natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The island boasts magnificent beaches, crystal-clear waters and breathtaking landscapes, making it a heaven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to its natural beauty, Lesvos also offers a wealth of historical and cultural attractions, including ancient ruins and traditional villages. You can explore the medieval castle of Mytilene and the picturesque fishing village of Molyvos, among other treasures. With its warm hospitality, delicious cuisine, and laid-back atmosphere, Lesvos is the perfect destination for those seeking a tranquil and authentic Greek experience.

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Day 1: Saint Ermogenis Bay

Embarking from the capital of Lesvos, Mytilene, where the main port is located, the journey sets off towards the bay of Saint Ermogenis on the island's southeast coast, just a short distance from Mytilene. Shielded from the north winds that typically prevail during summer, this bay offers a picturesque scene of mature pine and olive trees. The beachside taverna offers traditional cuisine and a stunning sea view, making it the perfect spot to take a refreshing break. For a romantic pre-meal walk, an old and charming small church is nearby, adding a touch of serenity to the trip.

View of the capital city of the island of Lesvos - Mytilene.

View of the capital city of the island of Lesvos - Mytilene.

Day 2: Tarti Bay

On the second day of the journey, take another short sailing trip to the charming bay of Tarti located on the southern part of Lesvos. Agios Ermogenis and Tarti lie on opposite sides of the Gulf of Giera, both on the southeast part of the island. The waters in Tarti are crystal clear and have a greenish hue due to the surrounding trees. However, be cautious when entering the bay as there are visible rocks on the west side. Similar to Agios Ermogenis, there is no pier in Tarti, so you will have to anchor your boat. But the picturesque scenery of the bay will make up for it. You can enjoy the taverns on the beach or head to the wonderful beach bar on the east side. While Tarti provides excellent protection from the meltemi winds, it's also possible to visit the nearby small port of Plomari. This port is safe from all winds and has shops to provide all necessary supplies. Although not particularly attractive, Plomari is famous for the Greek aperitif, ouzo, and is home to some of the main factories for ouzo production. You can even visit a small museum within one of the factories. As the area is abundant with olive trees, taking a short car or taxi ride to the museum would surely satisfy you.

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View of the Eros Beach.

View of the Eros Beach.

Day 3: Eros Beach

On the following day, embark on a sailing trip to Eresos beach, situated near the village bearing the same name that holds a significant place in history as the birthplace of the renowned ancient poet, Sappho. Within the village, you can visit a small ancient sanctuary dedicated to the poet. Like the previous beaches, Eresos beach does not offer any dock for berthing, so you must anchor your boat. The beach boasts pristine golden sand and is arguably the most picturesque sandy beach on the island. You can explore the charming village with its quaint tavernas serving delectable cuisine or visit the trendy beach bars offering great music and cocktails. If you prefer a quieter experience, you can find secluded spots with fewer people around. Each beach bar boasts its unique style, making it worthwhile to experience them all.

Remember that unless you berth at the dock in Plomari, you will need to spend your trip anchored. If your crew needs supplies, make a stop at Cape Perama, where you can stock up. This location is situated near the entrance of the Gulf, allowing you to make a quick stop on the way from Tarti to Eresos. In case the winds get too strong, you can seek shelter in the protected bay of Kaloni.

Sigri is a village located on the western coast of the Greek island of Lesbos in the North Aegean region.

Sigri is a village located on the western coast of the Greek island of Lesbos in the North Aegean region.

Day 4: Sigri Bay

The next destination on the island-hopping adventure takes you to the eastern side of Lesvos, towards the charming bay of Sigri. The stunning beach on this side is a hidden gem and rarely crowded. However, to avoid the strong northern winds, it's best to anchor in the bay facing the village of Sigri. The highlight of visiting Sigri is the Natural History Museum, situated at the top. Scientifically, it's undoubtedly fascinating. You can also visit the Petrified Forest Park, which boasts petrified trees formed as a result of volcanic activity. 

Once again, yachts can only drop anchor and take in the beauty of one of the most picturesque bays on the island.

Molivos castle.

Molyvos Castle, also known as the Castle of Mithymna, is a medieval fortress located in the town of Molyvos on the island of Lesbos. The castle offers breathtaking views of the surrounding sea and landscape, and serves as a popular tourist attraction on the island.

Day 5, 6: Molivos

After exploring the picturesque bay of Sigri, the next stop on the sailing trip is the port of Molivos. This port provides excellent protection from all types of winds, including the meltemi. The charming town of Molivos is built on a steep hill and boasts a castle at the summit, which visitors can explore by strolling through the quaint alleys. At night, the port is a beautiful sight and a perfect spot for a delicious dinner.

We suggest extending your stay in Molivos by an additional day to take advantage of the Eftalou hot springs. The journey to the springs takes only five minutes by car or an hour on foot, and taxis are readily available in Molivos. While the beach at Eftalou is perfect for swimming, it's important to note that the waves can get quite large when the north winds are strong. After a refreshing dip in the sea, indulge in a relaxing soak in the natural hot springs, renowned for their potent healing properties and open year-round. This exceptional experience lasts for just an hour, leaving you with ample time to enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the nearby tavernas or return to Molivos. If you're not keen on visiting the hot springs and prefer to leave Molivos after a single day, consider venturing to the bays of Sikaminia or Tsonia, located further to the east, but only if the weather permits. It's worth noting that most bays beyond Molivos are exposed to the meltemi.

The old port of Mitilini on Lesvos can still boast its original architecture, which gives the place a specific charm.

The old port of Mitilini on Lesvos can still boast its original architecture, which gives the place a specific charm.

Day 7: Mytilene Port

Commence your journey early in the morning and make your way back to the port of Mytilene by taking the path that runs along the northeast coastline of Lesvos, leading southward. The coast of Turkey can be found on the eastern side and is located only a few miles away (generally around 10 nm). This proximity helps maintain moderate waves, no matter the strength of the wind. While traveling, you will encounter numerous rocks dispersed above and below the water's surface, hence it is imperative to exercise extreme caution while navigating the area. We strongly recommend that you meticulously scrutinize the map and continually monitor your location during the voyage to ensure safety. Prior to sundown, you will reach the port of Mytilene where you can spend your final night onboard the sailing yacht while reflecting on your unforgettable memories.

Reminder: The information given (distances, mooring details, etc.) is for information purposes only and cannot be relied upon completely. Please study the nautical chart before sailing to ensure a safe and enjoyable voyage.

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