Diving and yachting together at last!

Get picked up from your yacht by speedboat and taken to the best diving locations. Rent diving equipment or take a trial dive with an experienced instructor.

Are you sick of having to choose whether to go scuba diving or sailing? Now you don't have to! We can arrange the services of a verified diving centre for you. This is a completely new approach to diving. Just tell us where you are, we’ll pick you up directly from your yacht and take you by speedboat to go diving. It will be an interesting experience for non-divers as well.

Experienced divers can go to the most beautiful spots with a local divemaster who knows them in detail. After the dive, you’ll be returned to your boat without having to worry about where to put the heavy equipment, where to fill the tanks or about causing damage to the yacht with any tanks or lead weights.

Dive even without certification

Even those who don’t yet have certification can liven up their sailing vacation by taking advantage of this offer. We can arrange a trial dive with an experienced instructor who will introduce you to the secrets of diving. We guarantee that once you get started you won’t want to stop. 


Window to the world of diving - trial dive
Sample the magical underwater world by going on a trial dive. An experienced instructor will explain you everything and teach you basic diving skills. They will be there with you and ready to help at all times. During the dive you will see fish and corals, and experience the feeling of weightlessness. If you get hooked, you can always continue by taking a diving course.

And how does it all work?

  1. Choose one of the suggested places closest to your sailing route.
  2. Order the diving equipment you need from the diving centre.
  3. Anchor at the agreed place and wait for pick-up.
  4. And then go diving!

The divemasters speak English, German, Croatian and Slovenian. And, of course, they will teach you the basic (and international) diving hand signals that you’ll need to communicate below the surface. 

In the autumn, we tested the connection between yachting and diving first-hand. 

Where can you dive?

The offer mainly includes locations around the Kornati National Park, where the underwater world is abundant and unspoilt. Other interesting places lie between the islands of Pašman, Žut and Murter. 

How much does the service cost?

The price for a single dive starts at 72 euros and all the equipment costs around 25 euros. For a trial dive for beginners (all equipment included), you’ll pay 97 euros. Discounted package deals are also on offer. The price includes the rental of all equipment, transport by speedboat to the site and the services of a professional divemaster.

Do you want to try a combination of diving and yachting this year? Or just looking for a new distraction? Don’t delay. Take a look at our deals on boats in the vicinity of Biograd na Moru now! 

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