Review: we tried out the Elan 45.1 Impression

Are you a more advanced sailor looking for great handling and speed? You should definitely try out this beauty from Elan.

More specifically, we rented an Elan 45.1 Impression named Galina from the charter company Aquatorria Yachting. The majority of the crew agreed that it was one of the best sailing boats they'd ever sailed on. So, why were we so impressed?

Elan 45.1 Impression's handling characteristics

Even at a greater angle of heel, the boat remains absolutely stable on the water. It manoeuvres well and is generally easy to control.

Sails and rigging 

The rigging has been meticulously worked out and the sails have clearly been put together well. We were very pleased with the half-batten mainsail, which performed admirably in light winds and was easy to trim.


The monohull Elan 45.1. is designed for 10 people with two showers and two heads. The shower is very spacious and the water tank is huge. Showering on this sailboat is comparable to taking a shower at home, which will be welcomed by all members of the crew. 

Equipment on board

The main panel is simple and straightforward. There is also a cabin with bunk beds which we tested out and can confirm that two tall adult males could sleep comfortably in it.

Charter company

Check-in was flawless, with no hiccups or last-minute searching around for stuff. The charter business provided us with all of the information we required, and we even used their phone number where they proved really helpful.

Who is the Elan 45.1 Impression suitable for?

Those looking for outstanding handling capabilities as well as comfort will absolutely love this sailing boat. So, if you want a superb sailing experience without sacrificing comfort or equipment, we highly recommend it.

We captured this beauty for you out on the water:

Sailboats from Elan Yachts

Elan Yachts are currently (2021) produced in three lines: E line, Impression line and the GT line.

Elan E line

Models in the E line include the Elan E3 (30ft) Elan E4 (35ft) and Elan E5 (40ft), Elan E6 (47ft).

"The E line is typically a combination of the best features for cruising and racing. It performs well in moderate conditions as well as in stronger winds."  a representative of Elan Yachts stated. Typical features included two rudder blades, two rudders and a deep T-shaped keel.

According to Elan, the typical customer is "an experienced sailor who has racing experience and enjoys playing around with the boat's controls, or a family or group of friends who are not after performance but enjoy barbecues, a swimming platform and a designer interior." 

YACHTING.COM TIP: If you prefer more advanced sailing and have a competitive spirit, we strongly recommend the Elan 350 (read our review), which offers a superb blend of comfort, great handling and sheer fun. The Elan 350 is perfect for regattas (it can be outfitted with a gennaker), but it's also suitable for cruising with family or friends.

Elan Impression line

This series also hails from Humphreys Yacht Design and is perfect for family cruising. It is built to provide space, safety and durability, while being easy to maintain and operate, and boasts a traditional hull shape, single rudder blade, and a bright interior. Elan highly recommends them for cruising in the Mediterranean.

As an Elan Yachts representative stated,"The boats in this range are easy to maintain and repair, so more and more charter companies are investing in purchasing these boats.", adding "the hulls are extremely strong, they have solid wood in the most used areas and Elan offers after-sales service, all at a relatively affordable price."

Elan GT line

This range includes the GT5 (42ft) and GT6 (49ft) boats. According to Elan Yachts,"the GT range is a kind of response to the trend in the automotive industry. These boats are built for performance, using the best components and with luxury designer fittings."

I've sailed on the Elan 45.1 Impression. Give me a call to find out more.