Making love on a boat

Making love on a boat

On the face of it, it might seem that this topic would be somewhat more appropriate in the popular press. However, in our experience, this is an issue that confronts a surprisingly large number of sailors. When or where to do it, so no one can hear ... basically, how do people deal with the desire to make love on a boat when they aren’t the only ones on board? 

Based on our own experiences, we’ve divided sailors into several categories depending on how they approach lovemaking at sea. 

The thrill seekers 

These sailors are on a boat to enjoy themselves, no holds barred. And they will do it everywhere they possibly can. When you go to the toilet in the evening, you’ll walk in on them enjoying intimate pleasures in the salon and they’ll often leave their cabin door open, no matter what they are up to inside. Basically, you don't really want to be with such people on a boat unless you are one of them.

The runaways 

Even before the boat is properly tied up to the pier, they’re leaping ashore and scuttling off to make love in the nearest grove, deserted beach or local churchyard. On returning from their “walk”,  you might notice their slightly dishevelled appearance, perhaps with the odd twig or pine needle adorning their hair.

The motion lovers 

These people enjoy themselves in all sorts of different positions, which is exactly why they make love on board. The more the boat pitches and rolls, the more they can use gravity for their pleasure.

The outdoor types 

At night, they sneak above board or into the cockpit to enjoy the romance provided by the stars, the sea, and the reflection of the moon. But we can't blame them. After all, romance is everywhere at sea!

The water lovers 

They go swimming surprisingly often and appear very clingy in the water. But it’s not an indecent way of making love. It’s relatively inoffensive, those involved are provided with perfect hygienic conditions and they can kill three birds with one stone - make love, bathe and do a bit of exercise. In the depths, it is actually quite a challenge.

The innocent 

From the outside, they look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth, but as soon they’re behind closed doors strange but familiar noises begin to emanate, making it pretty clear to everyone what’s going on. Afterwards they act like nothing happened and certainly never mention it.

The easily embarrassed 

Even on a boat, you’ll sometimes find people who are simply ashamed of anything sexual, even though you can’t hide everything on board a boat. They don’t want to get changed in front of others and they strictly guard their privacy in the cabin. Making love on board is either a complete taboo for them or they engage in lovemaking extremely carefully. Woe betide those who accidentally step foot in their cabin!

So what would our tips be for making love on a boat? 

  • Try to limit yourself and not embarrass others as much as possible. Your sex lives on display in the salon is undoubtedly going to put people in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Don’t be too pushy. Perhaps your partner is tired out from captaining the whole day or it’s so hot that they just aren’t in the mood. Things are just different on a boat and it's necessary to approach it that way.
  • Pay attention to matters of hygiene and safety. Nobody wants to have to visit the doctor after their vacation. It’s not the best idea to make love when you’ve been a whole week without a shower or are in gale-force winds.
  • Just enjoy the romantic atmosphere. It isn’t hard. In the evening, romance is all around at sea. But skip the candles, because risking a fire on board is really not worth it.
  • And now a tip for the more daring. Have you ever been to a swingers party? How about  a swinger cruise?
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