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Last Minute Yachting Holidays

Last Minute Yachting Holidays

Right now you could be packing your bags and embarking this Saturday, Last minute deals with fantastic discounts of up to 60 % and the thrill of looking through the best boats and destinations. Where are you going to end up?

No need for lengthy planning and arrangements. Decide right now. As soon as you manage to get a few days off, you’ll be overcome by the desire to feel the sea breeze on your skin and breathe in the scent of the ocean.
Last minute is perfect for the adventurer, who makes a decision on the fly and doesn’t want to get tied down. Even the hunt for the right boat and destination is a thrill.

Holiday on Boat with lots of fun

Why Last Minute?

  • Attractive discounts of up to 60 % bringing massive savings
  • Largest selection of available boats updated every 15 minutes
  • Embark almost immediately, everything can be arranged fast and easily with our merchant
  • Plenty of beautiful boats available and all tried and tested 

If a boat becomes available, we’ll know about it and offer it first. In addition, we have our own team in Croatia which is directly in contact with verified charter companies.
We devote as much care to last minute voyages as everything else. On site there is nothing else you have to sort out and you can enjoy your yachting holiday with a clear head.

A yacht anchored in the bay 
Boats are also available in Greece, Italy, the Spanish islands. Surprise yourself?

How easy is it to arrange a boating holiday?

We can sort it out fast. Our clients often make a spontaneous decision on a Friday morning. We arrange everything quickly so you can embark on the Saturday. Completely worry-free and with perfect service. That’s how easy it is. You’ll quickly forget about the office and be ready to meet fresh adventures with the wind in your sails.
  • Got your eye on a particular boat? Fantastic, it couldn’t be simpler. Let us know immediately and we’ll book it for you and send out all the info.
  • Can’t find a suitable last minute boat? Call us. We’ll find it for you!

How can I speed it up even more?

  • Prepare a scan or photo of the captain’s licence in advance
  • Prepare a crewlist in advance (list of crew and their personal data)
    • name and surname
    • date and place of birth
    • address
    • passport number
  • Pay for the voyage by card
Choosing a boat at the last minute is a thrill. Right now, you can find a great boat at a great price and on a date that will immediately bring on a case of travel fever.