Into the heart of Montenegro

The Bay of Kotor is an interesting location completely overlooked by sailors. A bay of thermal Alpine lakes cannot be found elsewhere on the Adriatic.
The Bay of Kotor is the largest natural bay on the Adriatic coast. At first glance, it reminds of the Nordic fjords, but a fjord it is not - a glacier was never there. Yachting on the bay has similar characteristics to alpine lakes. The daytime thermal works here flawlessly: in the afternoon it is warm and, in the afternoon, a fresh thermal wind allows you to enjoy a pleasurable voyage without waves.

The entrance to the Bay of Kotor is guarded by two forts. From there to the Kotor port it is a further 18 NM. These protected waters have long been a natural refuge for sailors. A number of ports, which today are historical and architectural treasures: Kotor, Perast, Risan, Herceg Novi, have grown on its shores. Sailing infrastructure is being built here. A good example in Porto Montenegro in Tivat, a marina built on the site of an old military port.

The Bay... and then what?

The bay can be circumnavigated in two to three days, over the rest of the week you can you can discover the Croatian region of Dubrovnik. For customs clearance, we can recommend the aforementioned marina Porto Montenegro - customs here are unusually nice. The first customs house in Croatia is in the port of Cavtat, a very busy summer resort.
A good way to get to know this area is to have a two-week cruise with alternating crew: on the Dream Yacht Charter boat you sail from Montenegro, after a week you will be at Dream Yacht base in the Dubrovnik ACI marina of Komolac and head back to Hokkaido ... Flights to Montenegro from Croatia Airlines are from EUR 156.

For adventurers

Some Dream Yachts have permission to sail from Albania. So, if you love adventure and new experiences, nothing stands in your way. For sailors it is still an undiscovered location so do not expect the infrastructure. That is what the charm of Albania is - it is genuine and natural. To be sure, we’ll add that it is also safe.
Herceg Novi