Following the canal to the city of canals

Due to the current measures, the number of destinations where you can go on a houseboat is limited. But you can get to Italy. And if Italy, definitely Venice. A city of countless canals, gondoliers, bridges and amazing historical monuments. An ideal place for a romantic holiday with a partner, but also with children. Venice is not just canals, but also beaches. 

Just anchor the houseboat in the lagoon, grab a swimsuit, towels and a parasol and you’ll be on the beach in no time. A lido, as the Italians call it, is a narrow elongated strip of land that separates the lagoon from the open sea. The 'Lido di Venezia', the central part of the promontory opposite Venice, which stretches from Chioggia to Jesolo, is world-famous. In the 19th century, it developed into a fashionable seaside resort with luxury hotels. It is also the place where Thomas Mann wrote his Death in Venice.  

But beware, the Lido is not Venice. Nobody living on the Lido would ever call themselves a Venetian. Whereas a true Venetian looks benevolently at the people of Lido. For the Venetians, the Lido is a seaside resort on their doorstep and, above all, a barrier that separates the lagoon from the Adriatic Sea protecting Venice from the tides. 

Lido di Venice is the largest and most popular part of the coast


The lagoon is about 50 km long and 15 km at its widest point. The unique character of the lagoon is formed by a maze of islands and islets, and its indescribable atmosphere rightly makes it a popular tourist attraction, which you can uniquely enjoy on a houseboat.   

Which is the ideal route to choose?   

Start your journey in Chioggia. This historic and traditional city is located at the southernmost point of access to the sea and is only connected to the mainland by bridges. Chioggia is also often called the little sister of Venice, but without the throbbing tourist crowds. Be sure not to miss a visit to the local fish market.  

On your way you can also stop off at the small fishing village of Pellestrina. Pellestrina is located on an elongated sandy island. The entire east coast of the island is one large beach, and because the island is also very green, the beaches offer some sought-after shade. There is no hotel on the island, so it’s a definite advantage that you’ll be taking your own accommodation with you.  

Head onwards towards Venice itself. From afar, the silhouette of St. Mark's Square with its famous bell tower is striking. Arriving in Venice is breathtaking. The view is unique and truly unforgettable: historic houses right on the waterfront, churches and magnificent ducal palaces everywhere. And among them: a maze of canals with gondolas and you on your houseboat. 

The Rialto Bridge is the oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice


If you sail further north, the famous island of Murano awaits. Murano is renowned for its glass making so be sure to try a local shop and definitely take a stroll through this breathtaking city full of picturesque bridges.  

To further welcome you is Burano, a picturesque archipelago famous for its colourful fishing houses. Everyone is sure to pick up their camera the moment they see it. It is delightful. Each house has a different, very distinctive, colour. Allegedly there is even a commission that approves whether a newly selected colour is acceptable when renovating. Taking a walk will definitely be worth it and as a souvenir you can pick up some traditional lace, which due to its high-quality workmanship, is not the cheapest. 

Unique Burano


After visiting these charming islands, you can continue with the houseboat inland to Treviso. Another charming town with many canals standing at the confluence of two rivers. And be sure to end your trip here with a glass of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, a wine of the highest quality that can only come from the province of Treviso. 

For good wine on a houseboat? The ideal combination.

So? Do you like the idea of a holiday on a houseboat in Italy? Beware, this may be your most romantic vacation in life.


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