Benefits of sailing from Sibenik

Benefits of sailing from Sibenik

What makes Sibenik the perfect starting point for your sailing adventure?

You might think that where you start your boating vacation doesn't make a big difference. But trust us, it really does. Some places are a joy to set off from, while others, you can't wait to leave behind. And remember, at the end of your trip, you'll have to come back to where you started. So, it makes sense to choose a great spot from the get-go. One location we can vouch for is the Mandalina Marina in Sibenik. From our own experience, we consider it the perfect kick-off point for yachting adventures. Why? Read on to find out.

Mandalina Marina: more than just a marina

If you choose Sibenik as your starting point, it will likely be the Mandalina Marina where you will take over the boat. This is one of the safest harbours on the Adriatic, which is why numerous charter companies have chosen it as their primary base. Among theses is our favourite NCP Charter, which has more than 70 vessels of various kinds moored here.

In addition to the standard amenities like clean restrooms, showers, a supermarket, and laundry facilities, it also features conveniences such as an ice machine and a charging station for Tesla electric cars. It's evident that the marina management tries to keep up with the trends and the needs of sailors. 

The fortress on the water

Besides being one of the best marinas in Croatia, the historic heart of Sibenik is an attraction that you absolutely must explore. Šibenik is unique in Croatia, boasting two UNESCO landmarks — the St. James Cathedral and St. Michael's Fortress. You're likely to navigate past the fortress as you enter and leave the town. Cruising around this ancient structure is a wonderful experience, you'll breathe in the history and experience a magical atmosphere on the boat (at least for a moment).

Fortress of St. Nicholas

The Fortress of St. Nicholas is breathtaking.

Earlier check-in and later check-out times

There's no yacht charter place like it. We've explored numerous services from a variety of providers, but none surpasses what NCP Charter offers – a service that's truly unparalleled! Take advantage of their special offers and options. In addition to promotions that run sporadically throughout the year and offer boats at fractions of the price, this charter company offers customized charter terms. We most appreciate the option to return the boat on Saturdays. This option invariably gifts us an extra day of holiday, allowing us to stay in the bay on Friday and enjoy the last beautiful evening without having to rush to the marina and then sit around all Friday waiting to go home. This always makes end of our holiday just a bit more pleasant. The same applies to the early check-in, which this company is able to arrange before 2 pm, again giving you almost a whole extra day.

YACHTING.COM TIP: Near Sibenik, we recommend spending an extra Friday night on the islands of Zlarin, Prvic or Skradin.

NCP Charter ensures their boats are equipped with a welcome pack, an additional dinghy motor, towels, cockpit cushions and a snorkelling kit. These items aren't standard across all providers but offer clients more and fun during their summer vacation.

Just a stone's throw away

Sibenik isn't just an excellent choice for its rich history, but also for its strategic location. It's not only advantageous for historical fortress defenders but equally appealing to leisure sailors. Within a week's sailing distance, you can reach many of Croatia's most attractive sites. In a sense, Sibenik is at the heart of what could be called the Adriatic's 'Golden Circle'. So, where should you sail from Sibenik?

Sibenik isn't just strategically located for historical fortress defenders, but equally for today's recreational sailors. Croatia's most attractive sites are in easy reach within a week's sailing trip. In a sense, Sibenik is at the heart of what could be called the Adriatic's 'Golden Circle'. So, where should you set course for from Sibenik?

Discover Krka National Park

Sibenik is the starting point for many tourists visiting the Krka National Park. If you have never visited these waterfalls, we highly recommend you do. The sheer power of the cascading water and the surrounding natural beauty will take your breath away.

NP Krka

This fairy-tale spectacle is a must-see.

Sun-drenched Brac

Reportedly the sunniest island in Croatia, Brac is a must-visit during your summer getaway to truly soak up the holiday spirit. Mooring options are few, making it an ideal day-trip destination. Don't miss out on the renowned Golden Horn beach while you're there. We suggest looking through our practical tips on visiting the famous Croatian beach Zlatni Rat.

Kornati National Park: a different world

Being one of the most popular sites in Croatia, Kornati National Park is unmissable. Its landscape is like something from another planet. Islands and islets scatter the sea, and navigating through them provides is an incredible experience.

YACHTING.COM TIP: Are you planning to visit this sailing labyrinth? Check out our guide on what you need to know before sailing in Kornati National Park.


Kornati looks like it's from another world.

Enchanting Hvar

We're completely taken by Hvar. The island offers a complete package – serene bays, top-tier wineries, historic hilltop monasteries, and picturesque towns. We suggest you explore the capital, Hvar, as well as quaint places like Stari Grad, Vrboska, or Jelsa. Wine enthusiasts would appreciate a visit to the winery in Sv. Nedjelja.

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Extended sail to Vis

For motorboaters or sailors looking for a longer journey, a voyage to the island of Vis is an excellent choice. We love the bay at Komiza, home to the most charming restaurants and a gateway to the famed blue cave.

Blue Cave

The Blue Cave on the island of Biševo near Vis.

Impressive fleet

Sibenik as a home marina hosts a variety of interesting boats, some of which can't be found anywhere else. Did you know that NCP & Mare charter are the exclusive dealer for Grand Soleil Yachts in Croatia? For example, a Grand Soleil 46.3 Anatela is one of the few in charter from this shipyard. For those who favour motors, there are gorgeous Marex boats on offer, either the Marex 360 Cabriolet Cruiser True North, the Marex 320 ACC Aurora and the Marex 310 Sun Cruiser 7 Happy Days. The charter company NCP & Mare owns a sizeable collection of Dufour sailboats in its Sibenik fleet, recommended for those who appreciate larger headsails, comfort, and stability.

Grand Soleil

You won't just find high-quality Grand Soleil boats to rent.

Standing the test of time: quality guaranteed

Let's take a look at some of the yachts offered by NCP & Mare.

Grand Soleil 

Grand Soleil has been a pioneer in elegance, design, and performance for the past 50 years. What makes this sailboat the ideal choice? The answer is simple – it is regarded as the world's finest performance cruiser.

Celebrating half a century, Cantiera del Pardo, the renowned Italian shipyard responsible for crafting Grand Soleil yachts, as well as modern motorboats such as Pardo Yachts and Van Dutch, has reached a significant milestone in 2023. Located in Forli, in the Romagna region, this world-famous shipyard has garnered acclaim for constructing fast and top-quality cruisers and sailboats, maintaining a strong reputation that endures to this day. With fresh ownership and modern management that quickly identifies industry trends, Cantiere del Pardo's 50-year legacy has never been stronger.

The Grand Soleil 44 has been the ORC B cup winner for the past two years and has received best boat awards from both Cruising World and Sailing World, solidifying its status as an exceptional vessel. Additionally, the Grand Soleil 40 Performance was nominated for European Yacht Of The Year, while the Grand Soleil 72 was honoured with the Design Innovation Award.

Marex Yachts

NCP & Mare is also the exclusive dealer for Marex yachts, a Norwegian motorboat manufacturer recognized for their modern craftsmanship, durable motorboats, and impeccable designs. Over five decades have passed since the launch of the first Marex motorboat in Norway. Established in 1973 in Grimstad, a small town on the south coast of Norway, Marex boatyard quickly achieved success under the visionary leadership of Eyvin Aalrud, the founder and General Manager for over 20 years. Remaining a family-owned company, Marex gradually emerged as one of the most reputable European boat manufacturers in an unpredictable industry. Currently, the company is owned and managed by the founder's two sons, Espen and Thomas, who have demonstrated immense passion for boats and the family enterprise since they took over in 1989. This success has been driven by excellent leadership and consistent investment in cutting-edge boat building technology.

Today, Marex Boats is larger and more robust than ever, with an extensive dealer network spanning the globe. Throughout Europe, Marex is renowned for its contemporary craftsmanship, durability, and design, reflected in numerous international awards and recognitions received over the past decade.

All models from Marex, including the 375, 360 CC, 330 Scandinavia, 320 ACC, and 310 SC, have received prestigious awards for Best Motor Boat of the Year. In Sibenik, we offer several Marex models available for charter, including the Marex 375, 360 CC, 320 ACC, and 310 SC.

Contact me and I'll assist you in selecting the perfect boat (not only in Sibenik).

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