Houseboats and cycling

Where the houseboat can go, the bike can go.

Bicycle and houseboat are inseparable. If only because we can't imagine the houseboat superpower, Holland, without a bike. But you don't have to go all the way to the land of tulips to enjoy cycling combined with houseboating. Almost every location that is suitable for houseboats is also suitable for cycling. And you can certainly fit a few on board.

Perfect for families with children

If you're not into extreme sports and mountain biking you'll definitely prefer to ride on the flat. And those are the routes that run along rivers or canals that you'll be cruising along.

The combination of bike and cruise is ideal especially for families with children, who can easily get bored on board. The ride then provides a welcome diversion. In addition, children tend to have trouble riding uphill, and overall the route is very difficult to plan with them. If only because it is difficult to estimate how much the children will actually ride. Sometimes it can be a respectable distance, other times their legs "hurt" after just a few metres.

Unusual experiences on a houseboat holiday with bikes :)


The advantage of a houseboat is that you can usually adjust the length of the route. One option is to dock the boat and head out to meet the adventure by bike, then return to the mooring. If you want to be more flexible, however, you can just have one crew member stay at the helm and the others drive and pick up exactly where they run out of energy. In addition, many of the bike paths run right along the water, so there's no risk of having to do any complicated searching.

This is what a houseboat holiday can look like when you bring your bikes

A welcome diversion

Riding the lock is a great experience for many people, especially children. But when you've been through several locks in a row, and you have to wait your turn, it can be acrew can shorten the wait by cycling around the lock, or go straight around the lock and wait for the others below.

Use the locks for a bike trip? Definitely!

Expeditions to the surrounding area

A bicycle is also an ideal companion when exploring the surroundings of a canal or river, as it extends your range of movement. You don't have to spend all your time on board. Just saddle up your bike and head out for a good meal at a restaurant or just to explore the surrounding countryside and local life. And that's definitely worth it!

The picturesque Dutch countryside, a perfect ride on the flat

So when you're planning your next houseboat holiday, be sure to pack the bikes too.

Some destinations even rent bikes as an extra service to renting a houseboat.

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