Sail the technical marvel of the Nordic monarchy of Sweden. The Göta Canal, which was built in the 19th century, offers 190 km of waterways with 58 locks.

Not only furniture and Nobel Prizes are typical of this Nordic monarchy. Experience Nordic precision, technical advancement and magical nature on an unlicensed cruise. The local cuisine is also worth sampling. Keep in mind, however, that bread is usually sweetened here, and fish is no exception for breakfast. The Swedish meatballs need not be mentioned...

Göta Canal

Sweden's "greatest miracle" — the Göta Canal forming the core part of the waterway linking the west coast to the east. The Göta is the link between the cities of Sjötorp and Söderköping, which are located on the Baltic Sea coast. Construction of this major cultural and historical monument began in the 19th century. You may also encounter the nickname "Blue Ribbon of Sweden", as the canal is mainly called by Swedes themselves. There are 190 km with 58 locks available for you to sail. The route stretches from Lake Vänern across Lake Vättern to the Baltic coast. During a one-way or round trip, you can admire the beautiful scenery of the Nordic countryside as well as places with a rich technical history. FPP offers its two bases in Sjötorp and Söderkoping as starting points for your Nordic adventure.

From golf to ice cream

One of the biggest tourist attractions on the Göta Canal are the cascading locks in Berg. The seven interconnected locks are considered to be a fascinating piece of engineering. The attractiveness of this water tourism attraction is enhanced by the opportunity to play adventure golf at this location. Right on the Baltic Sea, in Söderköping, visit the famous ice cream parlour Smultronstället. Chocolate lovers should head to Ljungsbro!

The ideal holiday in unspoilt nature for lovers of technology and history

In addition to the cascading locks in Berg, passing through one of the last two manual locks in Borensberg is also an experience. The oldest lock, which is said to have been built by a large number of soldiers, is located in Forsvik. Car enthusiasts will enjoy Motala. Sweden's largest sandy lake beach is also located in this town. The town of Vadstena is steeped in history. Adventure and treasure hunting can be enjoyed in Karsborg Fortress. If the weather is not to your liking, visit the heated swimming pool in Töreboda.

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