Cognac — Chateauneuf-sur-Charente — Cognac

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Cognac, Charente, France, navigation area, map

Basic information

  • Cruise length: 66 km
  • Trip duration: 5 days
  • Type of cruise: there and back
  • Number of locks: 16

The Charente is another of France's very beautiful rivers. It is located between the Loire and the Garonne and, like these two rivers, it empties into the Atlantic. Amazing castles, Romanesque churches and charming little villages await you here too. In the evening, you can sit in one of the countless bistros or cafés. Pineau aperitif is available to drink. Various restaurants offer culinary delights and typical regional dishes and drinks. A real treat for all lovers of top gastronomy — after all, you sail through the Cognac, and that solves a lot.

Available houseboats in the Charente area by comfort class: