Venarey — Montbard — Tonnerre — Saint-Florentin — Brienon

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Brienon, Central Burgundy, France, cruising area map
Brienon, Central Burgundy, France, cruising area map

Basic information

  • Cruise length: 108 km
  • Trip duration: 7 days
  • Type of cruise: one-way
  • Number of locks: 57

This location is made attractive by its proximity to Paris (about 2.5 hours away). The numerous historic villages and towns, the coves of the 3 waterways, the rocks and the woods attract you to stop. Do not miss the beauty of ancient Auxerre or Mailly-le-Chateau with its interesting rock outcrop. There are opportunities for fishing and climbing on the walls of the Saussois.

The Armancon valley on the Canal de Bourgogne invites you to visit châteaux, abbeys and vineyards.

Built from 1775 to 1834, the Canal de Bourgogne connects the Yonne and Saône rivers and invites you to discover the Renaissance on one of the most beautiful and secretive waterways.

Along its poplar-lined banks, you can see some of the most important châteaux in Burgundy — Tanley or Ancy-le-Franc, with their magnificent interiors, form the special highlights of your cruise.

In Saint-Florentin, stick close to the canal bridge and stop at the local church with its pretty multicoloured windows.

Fosse Dionne, laid out near the old town in Tonnerre, has supplied the town with water since ancient times.

The magnificent and charming abbey of Fontenay is situated in a small valley and is easily accessible by bicycle. In Alise-Sainte-Reine you can admire the excavations of Alesia, the place where the famous Gallic leader Vercingétorix surrendered to the Roman army of Caesar after a two-month siege.