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Le Mans, Anjou, France, cruising area, map

Basic information

  • Cruise length: 204 km
  • Trip duration: 7 days
  • Type of cruise: there and back
  • Number of locks: 38

In Anjou, between the Atlantic, the Loire Valley and Brittany, lies the so-called "La Douce France" - the lovely France of poets. Take a boat trip with one of our boats on the rivers Mayenne, Sarthe and Oudon and discover the Anjou region with its rich gastronomy and history. Don't miss the cities of Angers, Laval, Mayenne and Le Mans.The Sarthe is a calm river, suitable for beginner skippers. During the cruise you can enjoy the green countryside with picturesque villages, visit the elegant chateau of Plessis Bourré, the historic centre of Le Mans, the imposing Benedictine abbey of Solesmes or Malicorne, the porcelain capital. The river La Mayenne is adorned with small villages with mansions, private castles and ancient mills. Make a stop in the town of King René in Angers or in Entrammes, where you can visit the abbey or the "Port-Salut" cheese factory. In Laval you will find the museum of naive drawing.