Impressive landscapes, picturesque towns and undisturbed tranquillity. Explore the diversity this country has to offer.

You would be hard pressed to find a country in the world that is more diverse than Canada. Majestic mountains, turquoise lakes and endless roads across the second largest country is complemented by a traditional Canadian culture that will last a lifetime. Explore Canada's waterways and see how they compare to those of Europe.

Who will enjoy a houseboat holiday in Canada?

  • Fishermen. Canada is a fisherman's paradise. You won't believe your eyes when you see how many fishing spots you'll encounter during your cruise.
  • Experienced captains. If you go on houseboat vacations regularly, you've probably explored most of the cruising grounds in Europe. Try something new and head out to the ocean.
  • Families with children. Selected areas in Canada are very quiet, so they are suitable for families with young children. With a wide range of leisure activities on board, your little ones won't be bored.
  • Observers. Typical Canadian "wildlife" will be fun to observe day and night.
  • Calm types. Canadian nature directly invites you to put all your worries behind you and enjoy undisturbed relaxation.
  • Cyclists. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the many cycling routes that can be found in Canada.
  • Shopping maniacs. Canadian cities are full of shopping malls and smaller shops. Don't forget to bring a bottle of real maple syrup back home!
  • Travelers. You can combine a houseboat cruise with a visit to Toronto, Niagara Falls or an exploration of nature reserves and southwestern Ontario.
  • Hikers. There's nothing easier than docking your houseboat at the shore and exploring Canadian nature on your own two feet.
  • Energetic athletes. Go for a swim one day, try your hand at canoeing the next, and enjoy a jet-ski ride the third. You won't be bored!
Map of navigation channels in Canada

Now all you have to do is pick the right houseboat. I'd be happy to help you. Let me know.