Benefits of registering your yacht with Yacht Registration Poland

Effortless, accesible and efficient global boat registration with Yacht Registration Poland

Yacht Registration Poland is a partner for yacht owners seeking efficient and hassle-free registration, brokers and others in the marine industry, offering professional boat registration services and yacht flag support. YRP provides professional, comprehensive solutions for boat owners and quality customer service, helping clients achieve successful registration and other services offered.                          

Why Register Your Yacht in Poland?

Poland is becoming a go-to for yacht registration due to its simplified process, affordable fees, and a strong commitment to safety and compliance, especially for international boat owners. The benefits of opting for the Polish flag are worth considering if you're pondering yacht registration  

The 'Act Of 12 April 2020

The updated yacht registration law in Poland aims to simplify and streamline the registration process, making the Polish flag more attractive to both domestic and international boat owners. By centralizing the registry and improving cooperation with external entities, the new legislation is expected to enhance the safety of the legal system and sailing in Poland.

Benefits Of Polish Flag

Poland’s yacht registration process is notably efficient, with temporary registration taking just 2-5 working days. Unlike some countries requiring periodic renewal of yacht registrations, Poland offers lifetime validity, saving you from recurring renewals. The registration process is straightforward and cost-effective, with no hidden fees and a transparent pricing structure. For privately used yachts up to 49.26 feet, Poland waives the need for a boat survey, simplifying the process further. With no maritime restrictions and international validity, your Polish registration allows you to sail freely worldwide.  

Registering with Yacht Registration Poland

You don’t have to be a Polish resident or citizen: all nationalities can register! Yacht Registration Poland (YRP) makes the process simple and effortless. YRP, a reliable partner for yacht owners, offers tailored registration services, ensuring compliance with local and international standards and handling all necessary paperwork and communication. Transparent pricing, no hidden costs, and additional assistance in obtaining a Polish radio license, valid for 10 years, are some of the perks of choosing YRP for your registration needs