Sailing with precision: A deep dive into chartplotters

This article offers a comprehensive look at chartplotters, enhancing sailing precision and safety.

Sailing in the modern world is now a seamless experience, thanks to the wonders of technology. Ever dreamt of effortlessly navigating the vast ocean expanse? Chartplotters make that dream a reality!

Understanding chartplotters

What is a chartplotter?

Simply put, a chartplotter is your marine GPS. By fusing the latest GPS data with detailed marine charts, this device becomes an indispensable navigator.

The marriage of GPS and marine charts

Imagine a marriage where each partner perfectly complements the other. That's your GPS and marine chart union in a chartplotter, ensuring you're always on the right course!

The significance of GPS in chartplotters

A revolution in sailing

With the incorporation of GPS, sailors are empowered to chart their courses with unmatched accuracy.

Precise navigation like never before

The guessing game is over! The precise location data from the GPS, combined with marine charts, ensures effortless navigation.

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Chartplotter is a useful tool for travelling.

Chartplotter is a useful tool for travelling.

Exploring different types of chartplotters

Because one size doesn't fit all.

Marine GPS chartplotters

Among the most prevalent marine chartplotters, these devices boast larger screens compared to their portable counterparts. Their design doesn't lend itself to being held for long durations, making them best suited for vessel mounting. These chartplotters are laden with various features, including options to record routes and waypoints, supplementary map databases, an internal compass, and even a barometric height gauge.

Handheld chartplotters for on-the-go navigation

These marine navigational tools are convenient due to their mobility. As implied by the name, you can grasp them and carry on with your maritime tasks. They are characterized by their petite dimensions and come equipped with an in-built GPS. While they do feature integrated maps, these tend to lack in-depth details that many sailors seek.

Chartplotters with fish locators

For those with a penchant for fishing, this is the gadget to have on board. Beyond guiding your marine journey, these chartplotters can pinpoint fish by transmitting sonic waves that reflect on the device's display. Essentially, such tools can significantly elevate the ease and joy of your fishing excursions.

Network chartplotters 

Representing the pinnacle of navigation technology, these chartplotters furnish sailors with ultra-precise data, granting unparalleled vessel control. Typically, they are embedded with online capabilities, allowing linkage to Wi-Fi or mobile devices. At their core, connected chartplotters offer detailed imagery of desired locations, timely alerts regarding potential hazards like ice formations or submerged entities, water temperature readings, multimedia entertainment features, and an array of other intuitive functionalities.

Best chartplotters in the market

  1. Garmin GPSMAP 942xs
    A top-notch chartplotter that boasts a responsive touchscreen interface, crisp visuals, and preloaded BlueChart g3 coastal charts.

  2. Raymarine Axiom 9
    Known for its intuitive LightHouse 3 OS, this device offers RealVision 3D sonar and an ultra-bright display for clear underwater imaging.

  3. Simrad GO7 XSR
    A versatile choice for sailors, it comes with a broad suite of navigation features and the benefit of TotalScan sonar for fishing enthusiasts.

  4. Lowrance HDS-9 LIVE
    This chartplotter is renowned for its high-resolution SolarMAX™ display, ensuring clear visibility in all conditions and integrating seamlessly with smartphones.

  5. B&G Zeus³ 9
    Tailored for sailing purists, it offers a super-bright touchscreen, sailing-specific functions, and integrates seamlessly with other B&G instruments.

  6. Furuno GP1871F
    Perfect for a range of vessels, this model boasts a multi-touch interface, integrated GPS, and is compatible with the C-MAP 4D charts.

  7. Humminbird HELIX 9 CHIRP
    Not just for fishing, this device provides Dual Spectrum CHIRP and MEGA Imaging+ for a clear view both of the boat's surroundings and underwater.

  8. Navico Cruise 9
    A reliable and straightforward option with a sun-readable display, it's perfect for those seeking a blend of simplicity and performance.

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