Sailing through the gorgeous Sporades and exploring Volos

Sailing through the Sporades offers hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

The Sporades islands, located in the Aegean Sea, offer a unique sailing experience with crystal clear waters, scenic beaches, and unspoiled landscapes. Volos, a coastal city in mainland Greece, is the perfect starting point for exploring the Sporades archipelago. With its charming port, traditional tavernas, and stunning views of Mount Pelion, Volos is a must-see destination. From there, you can embark on an unforgettable adventure, hopping from one picturesque island to another and discovering the rich history and natural beauty of the Sporades.

Itinerary: Trikeri – Skopelos – Alonissos – Patitiri – Kira Panagia – Panormos Bay – Agia Kiriaki
Difficulty: medium
Lenght: a week route (total 150 nm)

Day 1: Trikeri Island (18 nm)

Your first stop will be Trikeri Island, which is around 18 nautical miles away. It is advisable to anchor your yacht on the southern side of the island, facing the nearest point of Pelion peninsula.

Trikeri is a tiny island located in the southern part of the Pagasitic Gulf. Known for its peaceful ambiance, charming fishing villages, and secluded beaches, Trikeri is an ideal destination for those seeking a quiet and serene escape. With no cars on the island, you can enjoy the unspoiled nature, take leisurely walks, and savor the local delicacies in traditional tavernas.

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Day 2: Skopelos (32 nm)

Skopelos is a charming island with a vibrant port, stunning beaches, and lush forests. Neo Klima, a picturesque village on the western coast, is a hidden gem offering a tranquil atmosphere and fantastic seafood. Definitely visit the tavern "Captain Spyros".

You can enjoy snorkeling, hiking, and exploring the island's rich history and culture. The main attraction in the region are the Megalo Pefko beaches, known for their pristine and untouched beauty.

As this is a more distant island, it is necessary to allocate a full day for the sailing trip. The journey will take about 6 hours. The final destination is the village of Neo Klima, which has a small port. However, plan your departure so that you arrive at your destination before nightfall. It is always better to anchor in an unfamiliar destination while there is still light to avoid any complications. The harbor is poorly protected from the north wind, Meltemi, so it's essential to be aware of this and bring enough chains or ropes to safely anchor the boat.

The charming island of Skopelos.

The charming island of Skopelos.

Day 3: Alonissos (18 nm)

The next day, head 18 nautical miles south to the Tzortzi bay. Here you'll find a wild nature, plenty of calm sandy beaches, gorgeous sea, but also sharp rocks that require caution. It's recommended to anchor about 60 m from the shore. Once you've had your fill of swimming, beaches, and breathtaking nature, move 2 nautical miles further to the Patitiri harbor, where you can spend the night. We recommend arriving here before 5 pm to secure a spot without any problems.

Once again, be prepared for the Meltemi wind, which can make your sailing journey difficult. Also, be ready for stronger sea currents that may cross your path. However, with the help of the engine, you should be able to handle these situations easily.

View of the Votsi beach.

Votsi Beach is a picturesque seaside destination located on the island of Alonissos.

Day 4: Patitiri

In the area, you will find many taverns, bars, and small shops selling local products. After a day in the wild, you can enjoy a day in the picturesque town, soak up the local atmosphere, taste the local cuisine, grab a drink, and more.

You can also buy supplies for the next journey, refill water, and so on. However, there is limited water and electricity supply, so we recommend taking care of everything necessary without unnecessary delay.

YACHTING.COM TIP: Get ready for the Meltemi. We have written an article for you so that this northern wind won't catch you off guard.

Day 5: Kira Panagia (20 nm)

During the trip to the island, it is important to take into account the meltemi wind again. First, stop on the south side of the island. Here you can enjoy swimming in beautiful water and relax. When you're done swimming, head north to Planet Bay. You can enjoy the wild nature here, and if you're lucky, you may also spot turtles or seals. At night, you can watch the breathtaking night sky from your boat. As many rare animals live here, please avoid any pollution of the water or nature.

When anchoring, it is important to stay away from the shore due to the rocks and be careful of shallow waters. However, we do not recommend taking the shorter western route as it can be very challenging in strong winds.

View of Kira Panagia bay.

View of Kira Panagia bay.

Day 6: Panormos Bay (32 nm)

It's time to head back to the island of Skopelos. This long journey offers unforgettable views of the surrounding islands and their coastline.
 You can spend the second to last day of your trip swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing, while enjoying the lush greenery that surrounds the bay.

In case you need to restock your supplies, you have the option of making a stop at Agnontas, a charming village located a few kilometers to the south of Panormos Bay. Although it offers a peaceful and picturesque setting, keep in mind that its port is not particularly sheltered from southward winds. So, if the wind is blowing from that direction, you might experience some swell.

Day 7: Agia Kiriaki (28 nm)

On the last day of your trip, you will continue your return to the bay of Agia Kiriaki, which lies at the farthest point of Pelion peninsula's south side. If the trip of 28 nm seems too long, you can start early and have a short stop at the islet of Tsougria, south of Skiathos port and only 8 nm from Panormos bay. Approach the islet while keeping a safe distance from the shallows near its edges. You'll find a long sandy beach surrounded by tall trees on the southwest side of the islet in a wide bay protected only from the north wind, offering a colourful landscape for relaxation.

You'll continue your trip south of Skiathos and then Pelion Peninsula to reach the dock at Agia Kiriaki right before sunset. You'll have a romantic walk by the seaside, followed by a delicious dinner at the taverna close to the dock, and then get some early sleep.

Note that the beaches at the inner side of Pelion peninsula are wonderful to anchor and relax, and they offer calmness before the trip ends in Volos port. 

Reminder: The information given (distances, mooring details, etc.) is for information purposes only and cannot be relied upon completely. Please study the nautical chart before sailing to ensure a safe and enjoyable voyage.

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