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Sports sightseeing cruise in Greece

Sail with us on a sports cruise in the central Cyclades, the cradle of maritime history in Europe.

Sail with us on a sports cruise in the central Cyclades, the cradle of maritime history in Europe.


Embark on a sports sightseeing cruise through the central Cyclades, the cradle of maritime history in Europe. With an experienced captain, you will follow in the footsteps of mythical sailors and visit the most beautiful islands. Those you have read about in ancient Greek myths and legends, as well as those you have never even heard of. Which are nicer, it is hard to say.
Pohádkové Santorini Pohádkové Santorini

Will you follow us in the footsteps of mythical sailors?

We’ll sail around Santorini, a small island with an active volcano in the middle of a huge sunken caldera, walk through the streets of the ancient city of Délos and dine on the bohemian island of Mykonos.

You will learn to land under the very specific conditions of the Greek islands and navigate during the night stages, where navigation signs are maintained with Greek precision :-) You will definitely enjoy some real yachting, so prepare yourself for a wind of around 20 knots and some larger waves. Mykonos Mykonos The exact route of the cruise will depend on the weather and current conditions and is decided by the captain.

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Date: 10. - 17. 4. 2021, Price: 599 EUR 
Date:  29. 5. - 9. 6. 2021, Price: 689 EUR 

Who is the cruise for?

  • For all sailors
  • The cruise also serves as a practical preparation for the Class B - Yachtmaster Offshore exam.
  • You’ll sail up to 400 NM (depending on the weather)

Cruise objective

  • To visit some of the most beautiful and wildest islands in the Mediterranean
  • To visit the active volcano Nea Kameni in the Santorini caldera
  • To enjoy sailing in this windy region
  • To relax and unwind

What you will learn?

  • To steer and control the sails
  • To moor and land - mooring and landing in the Cyclades is usually very difficult
  • To relax and unwind, if you haven’t managed to learn that yet.

Voyage route

The route we embark on can be sailed in one week, with an average of about 50 NM per day.

  • Kythnos Island

After leaving the Alimos marina, we’ll head straight for the open Aegean Sea and make our first stop on the island of Kythnos (47 NM) in the beautiful bay of Ormos Kolona, with its sandy beach on a narrow isthmus (or neck) dividing the bay.

  • Santorini Island

The next day we’ll reach the island of Santorini (85 NM). On the way we will stop on the island of Serifos and we will visit the until recently active volcano on the island of Nea Kameni in the middle of a large caldera. It is located in a small bay in the eastern part of the island. It is at its most breathtaking at sunset or sunrise and deserted! Southwest of Nea Kameni, separated only by a narrow shoal, is the island of Palea Kameni, where there is a small chapel with thermal springs on the NE side. We’ll anchor here in relatively deep water and swim beneath the chapel to a bay with red iron water, where there are thermal springs and warmer water. It’s great to swim in the stinky mud. 

  • Schinoussa Island

From Santorini. we’ll head north around the island of Ios and stop off at the small islands of Skinousa (35 NM). They are not so interesting but that is their beauty. Even in high season, they are an oasis of calm.

The next stage of the voyage runs between the islands of Naxos and Paros and we will anchor on the west coast of Naxos near the sandy beaches. In the port of Naxos there is a marina with water and electricity, and the town is lovely.

  • Delos Island

The next stop will be Delos Island (18 NM), an archaeological ancient gem. The port of Delos served as the treasury of the Delian League of Greek states under the command of Athens. This association was founded for common defense against the Persian invasion in the early 5th century BC. It was a wealthy and spectacular city and its remnants are relatively well preserved.

  • Mykonos Island

From the island of Delos we will head to the island of Mykonos, from where you can take a local boat to visit the island of Delos. The ticket price is the same as on Delos and includes transport to the island and back. The marina is north of the city and you’ll have to take a bus or taxi to the city. It is also possible to rent motorbikes and take a trip around the island. The rental place is about 500m from the marina but we’ll leave it with you which method of transport you choose. The island is a hotspot for artists, musicians, bohemians and the Athenian elite and we’ll stop off at a nightclub for some live music, such as jazz. The musicians are excellent there and the nightclubs all have a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Syros Island

From the port of Mykonos we will head to the island of Syros to the picturesque port of Ermoupoli (19 NM), the administrative centre of the Cyclades. The town theatre is a miniature version of La Scala and the other buildings testify to the great wealth and development of the city in the 19th century.

  • Kythnos Island

From the island of Serifos, we’ll head to the port of Loutra on the NE of the island of Kythnos. It’s a very nice little harbour with a well-protected pool, water and electricity. At the southern end of the beach, opposite the pool, hot thermal water flows into the sea from a nearby hydroponic institute. Bathing in a small stone pool, where sea and hot thermal water are mixed, is a truly amazing experience. I recommend not drinking too much alcohol here, because it goes to your head fast.

  • Bay below Cape Sounion

From Loutra, it is 26 NM to the bay below Cape Sounion, on which stands the Temple of Poseidon, one of the most romantic ancient temples. The first rays of the morning sun descending down the marble columns, gradually illuminating the entire temple create an unforgettable atmosphere. Of course, the temple itself can also be visited along with the numerous tourists. From Cape Sounion it is 8 NM to the port of Alios, where our voyage ends.

Marinas in Greece are not as we know them from Croatia. Mostly these are just piers where water and electricity are available. Usually nothing much is paid. One day mooring is usually free or 2-5 EUR. You pay a few euros extra for water and electricity. If you want diesel, the tanker will come to the pier directly to the boat.