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Time to set sail for the exotic

Ever miss the sun, warmth and the sea in winter? We have a simple solution: exotic destinations.
Ever miss the sun, warmth and the sea in winter? We have a simple solution: exotic destinations.

Don’t Wait to Set Sail for the Exotic    

In more than 25 destinations around the world, over 1300 available boats are waiting for you to spend the entire Czech winter.
If you are a passionate sailor like us, you probably just don't like the long Czech winters. The best medicine and one we wholeheartedly recommend: choose an exotic destination and just set sail. Experience sunny days by a 30 °C sea in the midst of winter. It is priceless and it works perfectly.
We offer over 1300 ships in more than 25 destinations around the world. In the winter you can take advantage of lower boat prices and bargain ticket prices. If you wish, we can arrange to rent a boat and the flight tickets. Just say the word. We will be happy to advise you on selecting a suitable boat and recommend the perfect route of your voyage so you can enjoy the exotic to the fullest.
What can you choose from? There is a wide choice. One of the most popular exotic destinations is the unique Caribbean. It is full of Islands, the Caribbean beaches are magical, and without a doubt a Caribbean cruise is an unforgettable experience. Latin America and Brazil is more suitable for the experienced seeking solitude – nowhere else will you encounter so few ships, it is a tropical paradise of your dreams.


Do you have any doubts that you can experience the charm of the exotic in the Atlantic? The volcanic Cape Verde is brimming with African wildlife. And the Canary Islands, although familiar...  cruising around them on a yacht is something completely different.


Let’s not forget the Indian Ocean with its rare pearls: the Maldives and the Seychelles. From a yachting perspective, they require quite a bit of experience, but the reward is like a fairytale. Thailand and Malaysia are very similar from a yachting viewpoint. It's an easily accessible destination and you can sail all year round in the warm inviting sea.


Finally, the best—in our opinion: French Polynesia and Tonga are more beautiful than you could possibly imagine. If you ever have to leave their lagoons and atolls, you will long to return again and again.

When selecting an exotic destinations, in short, you can't go wrong.