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One-way cruise in Greece

Like a sightseeing cruise, "one way" is a great choice—you see much more.

Like a sightseeing cruise, "one way" is a great choice—you see much more.

Do you want to experience real yachting? Sailing from one marina to another? Why not try a one-way cruise in Greece? 

If you haven’t yet thought about what you’ll do during the next yachting season, it’s time to start. Right now, we have a lot of interesting one-way cruises in Greece for 2018—at great prices.
A one-way cruise is a cruise "in one direction". Compared to the majority of cruises, which are "round-trip", one-way cruises have several benefits.  

Benefits of One-way Cruises

On a one-way cruise, you sail from one port to another and see much more than on a regular cruise where you always have to return to the starting port. You spend a lot more time at sea, because a one-way cruise includes longer mini-cruises—the coast disappears from sight and you can enjoy the open sea. Within just a short time, you’ll discover many more places in beautiful Greece—more picturesque islands, amazing beaches and monuments. Plus, the local turquoise blue sea is absolutely unforgettable.

Captains and Flight Tickets

One-way cruises are designed for yachtsmen with a little more experience. If you are not sure of your abilities, we would be happy to recommend one of our captains. We can also advise you on the cruise route. Just ask.
And one more thing: you’ll leave Greece from a different airport than where you arrived. If you are interested, we can arrange tickets for you in both directions. Not a problem.

What to Know about Greece

The yachting infrastructure is not as developed in Greece as it is in Croatia. You rarely find marinas (anchoring is usually free of charge), but you can meet very nice people literally every step of the way. And there is always something new to discover on a one-way cruise in Greek waters, even after 10 years of regular cruises there.

Choose a variety of areas to explore: The Green islands of the Ionian Sea smell pleasant in the spring, and yachting there isn’t difficult. The Cyclades and Dodecanese are dry and arid, with yachting in the Aegean Sea more demanding thanks to the Meltemi wind.

Please ask our specialist Kristýna any questions you have about our one-way cruise or boat offers.

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