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Even the Last Minute can be a good choice

We do not just promise boats. Our offer is still up to date.

We do not just promise boats. Our offer is still up to date.

What will you get if you choose the Last Minute? And what will you get if you choose the Last Minute with us? The Last Minute can be great. You can even experience what you have never hoped for.
There are plenty of beautiful boats at good prices on the Internet. But is the boat you choose really available? Will you really get what you have chosen?

Why choose the Last Minute from us? 

  1. Our online search engine is the best in the world. We can find out if the boat you are interested in is really available. Is it obvious? Not at all. There are plenty of companies that offer boats which, as they already know, are not available. Why? It is simple. After the introductory: "Jesus, we are sorry, somebody has just bought it before you…", they try to impose something you don`t want at all. This is not likely to happen with us. We have only really available boats in our offer. Our offer is automatically updated every 15 minutes. 

  2. Zindulka, and we mean Jirka Zindulka, is a legend. He has been yachting for more than 20 years. Let`s say it simply - there is nobody with more experience, knowledge and greater overview in Czech Republic. Jirka works with a team of 8 people. They have his schooling. They are really able to expertly advise and help you. 
  3. The Watchdog. This virtual doggie helps our merchants to find the boat according to requirements you have. Just ask.
  4. You can pay by card online and also in our office. We are one of the few. What does it mean for you? That if you cannot sleep at night and you find a boat that you like, you don`t have to wait until the next day and hope that when you wake up, it will still be available. You will rent it straight away. Yeah, it can be yours at 1 a.m.
  5. And one small bonus at the end. Our YachtBus goes every week to the most favorite Croatian yachting destinations.

If you have a week of unexpected free time and you are flexible, the Last Minute can be just for you.
This is how it works, you can get a great boat, but you will not go with that from Athens, but instead from Šibenik. Or, it is also possible that your dream boat is released, and even for the money that can be considered ridiculous according to its value. You will not just sail right now, but for example one week later…

The challenge exactly for sailors.