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Experience Cuba from the boat deck

Have you ever heard of the pearl of the Caribbean, which Cuba undoubtedly is? How is Cuba in reality?
Have you ever heard of the pearl of the Caribbean, which Cuba undoubtedly is? How is Cuba in reality?
Cuba, the part of the Greater Antilles islands that lays in the Caribbean Sea has its specifics. It is not the Caribbean that you may know. The modern infrastructure that we are used to is more of a wish than a reality. At times, you may feel like you are in a United States open-air museum from the fifties.
Cuba is unique with a certain magic that you can hardly find anywhere else. The nature is also unique--a beautiful untouched sea with ravishing coasts where coral reefs and atolls grow abundantly. The natural scenery and large amount of fish are breath-taking. Cuba consists of around four thousand islands and islets where you have the opportunity to discover new secret places and enjoy natural beauty not only from the boat deck.
Beautiful white sandy beach Beautiful white sandy beach  
For yachtsmen, Cuba is a paradise on the sea. Natural scenery with white beaches and coconut palms that you will not forget. You will be also fascinated by local flora and fauna because you can hardly find such unbridled nature and contrasts anywhere else than the Caribbean.
Natural beauties of Cuba Natural beauties of Cuba
Begin in the city of Cienfuegos. When you anchor, let yourself be carried away by the waves of Cuban culture. Enjoy passionate rhythms, unique original Caribbean rums. Isn`t it enough? What about a true Cuban cigar?

The Viňales valley

This valley is a Cuban national park which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. In this karst valley on the western part of Cuba also lies the town Viňales, for which was the valley was named. It is surrounded by the most significant and characteristic landscape features of the whole area called mogots.
The Viňales valley in Cuba The Viňales valley in Cuba

Bay of Pigs

This bay is located on the Zapala Peninsula. It is a popular place, especially for diving. There are unusual underwater caves, stunning coral reefs with jellyfish, algae and a large number of tropical fish. The Zapata Peninsula is the largest in the occurrence of flora and fauna. Special rules are applied to its protection which preserves the colorful species in an almost untouched state.
Bay of Pigs Bay of Pigs

Cayo Largo

On the coral island Cayo Largo you will find one of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches called La Sirena. In the immediate vicinity of the island there is a 30-kilometer long reef formed of black coral. It is relatively close to the surface and is very often sought after and admired only with a snorkel. At Cayo Largo you can stroll along endless beaches or go to the open sea on yacht or catamaran.
Cayo Largo in Cuba Cayo Largo in Cuba