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Cruise Cancellation Insurance

Cruise Cancellation Insurance

Take advantage of our offer and insure your cruise against cancellation.
Take advantage of our offer and insure your cruise against cancellation.

Take advantage of our offer and insure your cruise against cancellation. Cancellation insurance costs 2.9% of the boat rental price.

It is the same as any other travel cancellation insurance. Most insurance companies offer this type of cover. Our company works with Allianz and we can prepare insurance to meet your requirements.

Terms and conditions for insurance against boat rental cancellation fees

  • When paying a deposit for boat rental, insurance against unexpected cancellation of the rental may be taken out. The premium is 2.9% of the rental price.
  • Cancellation insurance covering the full rental fee may only be settled when the deposit on a boat is paid. When the balance is paid, cancellation insurance may only be taken out covering the balance of the payment.
  • Cancellation fees can be insured against one working day at the latest after the deposit is paid on the rental of a boat. If insurance against cancellation fees is arranged at a later date, the insurance will not be provided even if it is paid for.
  • There are two types of insurance covering cancellation fees. Either insurance against cancellation fees for the entire crew, or only for the person who is paying for the rental of the boat.
  1. Insurance against cancellation fees for the entire crew—each member of the crew taking part in the cruise may be insured. A crew list must be presented, and forms a part of the insurance policy. Each member of the crew is insured for a proportionate part of the rental price pertaining to them. The crew list may be changed. If a member of the crew changes, cancellation insurance also applies to the new crew member.
  2. Insurance against cancellation fees only for the person paying for the rental—it is possible to insure only the person paying for the whole boat rental. If this person is unable to participate in the cruise, the entire cancellation fee insurance is concluded for that person and they will receive the entire insurance benefit.
  • Cancellation fee insurance begins when the premium is paid and ends on the date rental starts or on payment of benefits from this insurance.
  • In the event of a claim, the insurer reimburses the insured party any cancellation fees incurred by the insured party due to cancellation of the trip.
  • The insured party contributes 20% of the insurance premium.