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Motor boats

Motor boats

Categories of motor boats, comparison to sailing with a sailing yacht, advantages, and disadvantages.
Categories of motor boats, comparison to sailing with a sailing yacht, advantages, and disadvantages.

When sailing in a motor boat, you miss the charm of being under sail. You will not experience the whistling wind in the rigging and sailing with your yacht heeling. However, as opposed to a boating holiday in a sailing yacht, you will get everywhere you want to go very quickly and will not have to worry about which way the wind is blowing from.

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Who a motor boat is suitable for

  • for those who love the smell of petrol and diesel
  • for people who do not want to spend their time hoisting sails
  • for people who want to see a lot over a short period of time

Motor boats are basically divided into three categories

  • displacement and half-displacement motor boats—motor boats which don’t actually glide, but can rise up out of the water. e.g. with a length of 14 m (45 feet) at around 15 KN
  • motor boats—fast motor boats wich sail at a speeds that can exceed 20 KN

Displacement and half-displacement motor boats

These are not designed for fast sailing and their fuel consumption is not in any way dramatic. The consumption of a 14 m half-displacement motor boat at a speed of 8 KN can be about 50% higher than that of sailing yachts of identical size.

Motor boats

These are designed for fast sailing and in these you can experience the adrenaline rush of true flight over the waves. The consumption of a 14 m boat gliding above the waves can be more than 100 L of fuel per hour. Motor boats are divided into further categories:

  • Hardtop, without a raised superstructure—there is only one cockpit with rudder and this is located on the open deck. These are the fastest and sportiest boats. There is relatively little space on them. There are usually two bedrooms on a boat 14 m long.
  • Flybridge, with raised superstructure—includes a cockpit with rudder located on a raised deck and another rudder station is located on a sheltered deck in the lounge. Thanks to the higher superstructure, there is a spacious lounge on the boat and two or three bedrooms.
  • Catamaran—a new type of motor boat. This boat has two hulls and offers speed and plenty of space. For example, a motor catamaran 14 m long has four bedrooms and a spacious lounge. Fuel consumption is also significantly lower than with other types of motor boat. The hull of a motor catamaran is very similar to the hull of a sailing catamaran. The only difference is that there are no sails or mast and it is taller.

When renting fast motor boats, add another 50% to the rental price and you will get a relatively clear idea of how much you will pay for fuel.

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Accommodation on a motor boat

A motor boat offers significantly less space than a sailing yacht of the same size, and is also focused more on comfort than is the case with sailing yachts.

Advantages of a motor boat

  • Unbeatable in a dead calm, flying over the becalmed surface of the sea when it is as smooth as a mirror is a powerful experience
  • Simpler controls compared to a sailing yacht

Disadvantages of a motor boat

  • Significantly higher rental price
  • High fuel consumption, which increases costs for rental by approximately 50% in the case of fast boats
  • Worse handling in larger waves compared to a sailing yacht
  • Higher engine breakdown rates compared to sailing yachts

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