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Boating holidays

Boating holidays

Advice on the selection and navigation, types of boats, destinations and journeys.
Advice on the selection and navigation, types of boats, destinations and journeys.

If you are thinking about a new way to spend your free time, whether you are fed up with the dull, annual holidays surrounded by crowds of tourists, or are simply tempted to try something new, a boating holiday could be just the thing for you. You can find some useful information below to help you make your boating holiday choice.

Browse with our online search engine and choose a boat for your holiday, or call Jirka, who is happy to advise you about where and when to sail. You can call him on: + 420 603 846 464 or write to him by e-mail at:

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Advantages of a boating holiday

  • You can choose from various different types of boats (from those with more modest equipment and which are cheaper, right through to truly luxurious boats) and the offer includes trips to destinations all over the world (either purely yachting or more houseboat destinations), but you can also choose the time when you set sail—simply put, there is something for absolutely everyone depending on their ideas and the amount of time and money available to them. 
  • A boating holiday means independence and freedom. You can create the route for your sailing holiday, choose the boat that best suits you,and be in command of the boat and choose its direction and destination, as opposed to travel agencies which plan everything without your input. In addition, your boat will take you to exclusive locations which are frequently inaccessible from the mainland. Be it a yacht or a houseboat, each boat will ensure that you have unforgettable experiences, complete with superlatives.
  • A boating holiday allows you to instantly escape from the grind of everyday life, which is also one of the reasons you can become addicted to this type of holiday and will find yourself unable to imagine any other type of holiday than this.
  • A boating holiday is inextricably linked to discovery. This means discovering the world by visiting its various corners that are even today virtually untouched by people, and have retained the atmosphere of bygone times. Discover elemental nature—the water, the wind, the weather, and their forces. You can see the wonders of nature which no description can do justice, at first hand—be they coral reefs, rare species of flora and fauna, or unusual natural phenomena. Last but not least, on a boat, you will also discover yourself—your possibilities, limits and values. 
  • It is up to you, and you alone, what the nature of your boating holiday will be. If you are planning to rent a boat with your family, you will probably prefer a relaxing cruise, but one full of experiences which you and your children will remember (take a look at the family sailing holidays we organise, which are always extremely popular). If you are setting sail with a group of friends, perhaps you yearn for a greater adrenaline rush and if you are in fact, fans of adrenaline sports, perhaps you would like to test your yachting skills on more demanding sports sailing trips? In any case, we are here for you and will be happy to give you advice about anything which may interest you while choosing a boat to rent, the destination, and anything else—all you have to do is contact us. For reservations or more information, contact us by e-mail at or use the live chat function.

Holiday on a yacht

If you are interested in a trip under sail on the open sea, but are setting out to sea for the first time and are not sure whether this type of holiday really is the right thing for you, the best thing for you would be to rent a boat with a skipper and on the basis of that, decide whether yachting has taken your fancy and whether you have discovered the desire to become a skipper or not.

If you are interested in general information about boat chartering, go to our section on boat rental, where we provide advice on when to rent a boat, what the rental options are, and much more.

Holiday on a houseboat

It is almost impossible to compare a holiday on a houseboat with a holiday on a yacht—completely different aspects relate to sailing on the sea and cruising down a river, but this is not a bad thing in the slightest. Other than those mentioned above, the advantages of holidaying on a houseboat also include a calm and very romantic cruise along the canals and the fact that you don’t need any experience or a licence to rent a houseboat. For more details, take a look at our separate section packed with content for houseboats.


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