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Monohull sailing yacht

Monohull sailing yacht

What a monohull sailing yacht is, and its advantages and disadvantages compared to a catamaran.
What a monohull sailing yacht is, and its advantages and disadvantages compared to a catamaran.

Stability of a monohull sailing yacht

These are the most widespread type of boat you can rent. As their name suggests, they are sailing yachts with a single hull. The most important characteristic of these vessels is their stability. A monohull sailing yacht is almost impossible to capsize, making it extremely safe at sea. This extreme stability is provided by the keel and ballast. This information is very important for customers.

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Who a monohull sailing yacht is suitable for

  • lovers of true yachting
  • young people
  • thrill-seekers who like adventure and adrenaline

Types of sails used

Sailing yachts are mostly equipped with one mast and two sails. The front sail can be rolled up and is called the genoa, jib, (genny jib) or rolfok. The rear sail is the so-called main sail and that can either be a conventional sail that is hoisted up the mast or a roll main sail that is rolled into the mast.

Conventional main sail

A conventional main sail provides better performance than a roll main sail and it is very simple to use. One halyard is used to raise the main sail and it is lowered by releasing this halyard. In a strong wind, the area of the main sail must be reduced and this is accomplished by so-called reefing.

  • The main advantage of the main sail is its simplicity and greater propulsive power.
  • The main disadvantage is that it is more difficult to reduce the size when the wind picks up. Charter boats usually have only two reefs and the main sail reduced to two reefs is still too large when winds are very strong.

Roll-up main sail

Most beginners are afraid of a conventional main sail and prefer a roll main sail. This is seemingly simpler and work with it is less strenuous. However, as rolling it up into the mast is a technically complicated business, there is also a greater risk of something going wrong with it.

  • The main advantage of a roll main sail is the fluent reduction of the sail area when the wind picks up.
  • The main disadvantage is the technical complexity of the roll-up equipment and the increased possibility of defects resulting from this. A roll main sail is also smaller than a conventional one and offers less power.

The largest global charter companies Sunsail and Moorings have all of their boats fitted with a conventional main sail with lazy jacks and lazy bag. And there is a very good reason for this. Technical simplicity and reliability outweigh what is, at first, a slightly more demanding use of conventional sails.


Genoa on a monohull sailing yacht.

Accommodation on a monohull sailing yacht

The lower deck of a sailing yacht is divided into several sections. The forward cabin (or cabins) is located at the bow, followed by a bathroom with WC, then a lounge with a galley, aft bathroom and aft cabin (or cabins). According to size, sailing yachts range from the smallest with two cabins to the largest with six. The lounge is used as a dining area and common room and can also be used for sleeping. If the lounge is used for sleeping, the table folds away and in combination with the bench in the lounge, creates a large double bed.

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Sailing yacht accommodation

Advantages of a monohull sailing yacht

  • extremely safe thanks to the fact that it has great lateral stability and cannot capsize during regular storms
  • a trip under sail on a monohull sailing yacht is an adrenaline-filled experience. The boat heels over from the pressure of the wind and contact with the sea is thus extremely close
  • lower price compared to a catamaran of similar size
  • cheaper mooring in yacht harbours compared to a catamaran

Disadvantages of a monohull sailing yacht

  • not much privacy in neighbouring cabins
  • less space compared to a catamaran of the same size
  • usually worse ventilation of the aft cabins—a particular disadvantage in the tropical heat

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