Split-Dubrovník one way the most beautiful places to yacht in total freedom

Sail freely along the beautiful Croatian coast and save on fees and other costs. Try our one way voyage, we’ll recommend you the best route.

Isn’t it tempting to sail onward in freedom without ever having to return to the same marina? Try our one-way voyage! Sail along the beautiful Croatian coast and experience all the treasures of South Dalmatia. Save on surcharges and other costs, we’ll recommend you the best route and you’ll have our experienced team behind you all the way. So how do you get back to the marina? We’ll take care of the transfer for you absolutely free of charge!

3 reasons to go one way

Voyage full of experiences

Discovering the most beautiful places on the Croatian coast doesn’t have to take weeks. With a one-way voyage it can be done inside a week. On this trip you can enjoy the clear sea, the long crossings, sailing, swimming and the beautiful nature. Just cruise onward without having to go anywhere more than once. As a bonus, yachting°com will provide a paddleboard for free on board the boat so you can enjoy your cruise even more.

Help and assistance from our experienced band of yachters 

Are you worried whether you can handle everything by yourself? Well don’t be. Part of the route is also covered by our crew of experienced sailors. They will help you with the takeover of the boat and any possible crisis at sea.

Free transportation back 

Transfer back to the starting marina is provided by us at no extra cost.

Recommended one way voyage Split–Dubrovník


Split – Brač – Hvar – Ščedro – Korčula – Lastovo – Mljet – Lopud – Lokrum – Dubrovník


The proposed route leads you through the lesser-known parts of Croatia and is packed full of wonderful experiences. Rugged islands and islands full of abandoned beaches -  Brač, Hvar, Korčula, Lastovo...and as the finale, the ancient and unforgettable Dubrovnik. Of course, you can adapt the route to suit your mood or just improvise.

The most beautiful places 

From Split sail to the island of Brač with its sheltered, well-equipped marina of Mljet. The famous Brač white stone was used for the construction of the Diokletian Palace in Split.

You’ll cruise to the island of Hvar, with its intoxicating aroma of lavender and ancient towns and villages hidden within.

While sailing to Korcula you’ll pass the picturesque island of Ščedro, a charming and well-sheltered place to moor is in the coves of Lovišće and Manastir. Green Korčula is full of ancient sights and spell-binding narrow stone alleyways.

The stunning outlying island and national park of Lastovo is a paradise for sailors, surfers and divers. The sea is turquoise, crystal clear and you’ll be amongst clouds of various fish. Due to its remoteness, it is one of the best spots for observing the stars. A beautiful place to moor is in the north of Zaklopatica Bay, from where you can take a trip to the old town of Lastovo.




On of the most beautiful places we have seen on the Adriatic is Veliko Jezero National Park with its monastery. Just take a boat trip from Milet island.

West of Dubrovnik lies the charming island of Lopud. In the bay of Šunj there is a sandy beach as well as numerous restaurants. Lokrum is an island south of Dubrovnik where you can stroll around its gazebo, castle and botanical gardens. Anchor in the bay on the east side.

And Dubrovník…….

Walk through the great walls that protect the historic UNESCO listed centre and suddenly you’ll be transported a few centuries into the past. The best time is early morning when the market traders are just getting together and it is still peaceful. In the first open café you can enjoy the atmosphere of a deserted city just awakening to start the new day…

Národní park Mljet