Zakynthos is the gateway to the Ionian Sea and home to the loggerhead sea turtle

Are you going to discover the natural beauty of the South Ionian Sea? Zakynthos is the ideal starting point to get around. We’ll provide you with a boat and flight tickets.

Most yachts sail to the Ionian Sea from Corfu or Lefkada due to reasons of practicality. Direct flights go regularly from Prague to Corfu but Lefkada has quite poor direct connections. Even though there are hundreds of charter boats, most ports and berths are full during the summer.
Contrary to this, in Zakynthos and South Kefalenia, the beaches are empty so you can enjoy the golden sands and the hatching loggerhead sea turtles all to yourself. There are almost no ships. These are just a few of the reasons why yachting in this area can calm you for years to come.
It is here that we have found a small charter company owned by Kyriakos Grampsas, a guy with 30 years of experience in the charter business. We only recommend what we have tried so that's why we travelled to Zakynthos and tested the charter ourselves. Our verdict? The service provided by Kyriakos Grampsas is first class.
Direct air links to Zakynthos are good and well connected on the boat charter dates. Boats from Kyriakos Grampsas are not online so if you want to go beyond the beauty of the Ionian Sea, call us or write – we’ll prepare a boat offer and arrange the connecting tickets from SmartWings.
In the meantime, we’ll continue exploring other little-known places in the yachting world.

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Navagio Beach in Zakynthos


The village of Assos in Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia