Discover the magic of autumn yachting and keep the summer going

Discover the magic of autumn yachting and keep the summer going

Autumn on a yacht is definitely appealing. Look forward to empty marinas, a warm sea and low prices. Enjoy the fresh breeze and some fine sailing across the waves. Lovers of a quieter boating holiday will also find some tempting offers.

The yachting high season is slowly drawing to a close, so say goodbye to it in style. Autumn is the best time for many a sailor and we know why. Discover the charm of autumn yachting with us.

Why go in Autumn

  • Empty coves, vacant ports and buoy fields await you.
  • Save hundreds of EUR. Boat rental and mooring at ports are significantly cheaper compared to the summer season.
  • Stronger winds so you can enjoy proper adrenaline sports yachting.
  • The sea is still warm and you can still enjoy a relaxing boating holiday.
  • The wine is flowing. In autumn many countries celebrate the wine harvest.

Autumn voyages offer the best experiences

Do you prefer sports yachting? If you’re tired of drifting at sea with the family, get some inspiration with our tips. Autumn is the perfect time to take out a bunch of like-minded friends and go and enjoy some light adrenaline-fuelled yachting.


Or maybe you prefer relaxation and exploration? Not to worry, there is still plenty to enjoy with an autumn cruise. The sun isn't as strong but the sea is still warm and the marinas and towns are virtually empty. As a special tip, we bring you a rather charming place where you can rent a yacht and discover a relatively unexplored destination.


3 idea destinations for an autumn voyage 

Lipari Islands

The Aeolian Islands are so-called in honour of the Roman God of Aeolus and truly honour it they do. This is a very windy region with prevailing winds from the west and northwest. More powerful winds coupled with a lack of secluded harbours create ideal yachting conditions for experienced seafarers.

These wild islands filled with magical locations are truly enchanting. Active fiery volcanoes and natural thermal springs in such a remote setting provide the perfect backdrop for a yachting season farewell.

To get to the Aeolian Islands it is best to set sail from Portorosa, Milazzo or nearby ports closest to Vulcan, the southernmost of the islands.

What’s it like on Lipari right now?



Stretch yourself by sailing around Sicily to Malta. This demanding voyage will really test the sailing skills of the entire crew.


In the spring and autumn the Adriatic can be stormy and windy, so you can really get to grips with some serious yachting. Dozens of regattas are held in the Adriatic every year, from fun regattas for less experienced sailors to more challenging sporting events. Various corporate events and races also take place there. Will you be taking part in any?

Autumn yachting in Croatia

Greek Sporades

In spring and autumn, Skiathos or Volos are the ideal place for a cruise to Istanbul, or to the more distant Eastern Sporades on the Turkish coast.

Anchored boats at Lalaria Beach in Skiathos, Greece

For novice sports sailors

Are you less experienced or a little wary to leave known waters and embark on a more adventurous voyage? Navigate to where you know it well. In the autumn, it is windier and the sea is wilder so it’s best to sail in familiar surroundings and your skills will be well trained.

In empty marinas you’ll have plenty of room to maneuver plus you’ll get to practise everything under worse weather conditions. This provides great preparation for more demanding destinations. Treat yourself to some adventure!  

Bonus tip for a fantastic autumn boating holiday


The, as of yet, almost undiscovered Turkey will be enchanting for all holiday lovers on board. It has an oriental charm and the locals are both warm and hospitable. The cities and ports are tidy and the marinas are well organized and equipped, even luxurious. In October you’ll also enjoy average temperatures of 21°C with a maximum of 25°C.

Green hills, mountains, a coastline full of pines and bays with small beaches and ancient relics make for an absolutely unforgettable vacation. At the end of October and in November, this is simply the best place to sail in the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey is therefore a fantastic destination for the end of the yachting season!

View of the bay of Fethiye in Turkey

Have you already chosen something from our tips and are getting ready to call the crew? Explore our offers and find your dream boat. But don’t wait for too long, the magic of an Indian summer voyage is no secret.