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We’ve made it easier to find a boat

We’ve made it easier to find a boat

Do you like several different boats but are finding it difficult to decide? Save them to your favourites or send us a non-binding request. You’ll find the detail of every boat with useful extra info.

Add to favourites

  • Mark the boats you like
  • Compare their parameters
  • Send a bulk request
  • We’ll get back to you  
Once you have the search results, you can add any of them to your favourites – click on the “heart” icon and it will be put on the list. You can do the same thing when you’re looking at the boat details.
Click on the “heart” icon next to the main menu to view the list of boats that are of interest to you. A clear list allows you to compare their parameters easily. If you pick one, you can book it online immediately. When booking online, we offer a further 2 % off the rental price, applicable to all boats (even if already discounted) no matter how you pay.
Not sure which to choose? Select the boats you are interested in and send us a bulk non-binding request. No matter how many boats you select, you only fill out the form once. After you’ve sent it, we’ll get right back to you.
The selected boats can also be discussed with the crew. Or you can decide later – even if you leave our site, the boats you’ve chosen stay on your favourite list.

Boat detail

  • Enjoy a clearer page with boat details
  • Easily find the information that’s important for you
  • Find the exact boat you want faster
All important information relating to a particular boat is now more clearly arranged. You can choose whether to click on the boat menu or to scroll down the page.
In addition to information about the boat and its equipment, our extra services (or from the charter company the boat belongs to) and the mandatory surcharges are displayed so you can easily find the final total cost of the boat.
Directly within the boat detail you can also change the dates to check boat availability and price on other dates.