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At Paralos Yachts, a charter company that specialises in chartering boats in Greece, they pride themselves on the fact that the success of a holiday is hidden in the details. That's why they never underestimate the little things, and their working team consists entirely of experienced yachtsmen, who can see things from the client's point of view.

Where to sail from and to where in Greece?

Paralos Yachts' main base is in Athens, at Marina Alimos, from where you can easily reach the Cyclades, the Saronic Gulf or the attractive Dodecanese. You can also find a few boats directly in Rhodes in Mandraki or in Nea Peramons on the Attica peninsula.

A range of crewed and unmanned boats

Carefully maintained sailing boats and catamarans with full equipment await you in the Paralos Yachts fleet. The most common sailboat brands are Dufour, Jeanneau and Hanse, but also Elan. For catamarans you can choose from Lagoon, Nautitech or Bali.


All boats can be chartered without crew, but Paralos Yachts will be happy to arrange a professional skipper to take care of navigation and sailing, or a hostess to take care of shopping and food preparation. It all depends on how you want to spend your holiday at sea.

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Discover a yachting paradise brimming with islands, ancient towns and picturesque bays. Greece, the cradle of civilisation, is an increasingly popular yachting destination. Thanks to its mostly sandy subsoil, it's a great place to anchor, so you're not just reliant on marinas and buoys. Plus, the Greeks are very nice people, they don't chase every euro, and they often don't even charge you for a few hours at the pier.


The local cuisine is definitely worth trying and the options of where to go are plentiful. In the article Top 7 destinations for sailing in Greece in 2023

we've put together a ranking of our favourite places. Just remember that in the Aegean Sea you have to account for Meltemi, the dreaded wind of all sailing beginners during the season.

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