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From a family business to a Greek leader

Hermes Yachting has been on the market since 2006. In that time it has gradually grown from an originally small Athenian family business to one of the leading charter operators in Greece.

A diverse fleet of sailing yachts

Hermes Yachting's charter offer includes more than 45 sailing yachts, and several catamarans and motor bo ats spread over three marinas with access to the most attractive sailing regions. The most popular sailboats are traditionally the Bavaria Cruiser 46, but also the Hanse 418 or the Dufour 460.

Aegean and Ionian Sea within easy reach

From the two Hoermes marinas in Lavrion, next to Athens, the Aegean Sea can be excellently explored. Either sail to the popular Saronic Gulf or to the Cyclades archipelago, which takes its name from the fact that it forms a kind of circle (kyklos) around the sacred island of Délos. The different islands vary in size, but all have in common crystal clear seas, stunning beaches, white houses and bare rocks. Mykonos and Santorini are among the most popular, but Syros, cosmopolitan Paros, the sculptor's paradise of Tinos, wealthy Naxos and historic Délos are also worth a visit.

From the third marina in the port of Preveza, near the Greek island of Lefkada, you can instead sail into the southern Ionian Sea and visit the islands of Kastos, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos...

Emphasis on service and maintenance

The company prides itself on the precise service and thorough maintenance of all its yachts, as regular servicing prevents potential breakdowns and gives the boats and their equipment a longer life.

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Greece, the cradle of civilisation, but also an increasingly popular yachting destination. Thanks to the mostly sandy subsoil, it's also a great place to anchor, so you're not just relying on marinas and buoys. The Greeks are also very nice people, they don't chase every euro, and they often don't even charge you anything for a few hours at the pier. The local cuisine is definitely worth trying and the options of where to go are plentiful. We've put together a ranking of the Top 7 destinations for yachting in Greece in 2023. Join us as we discover a yachting paradise brimming with islands, ancient towns and picturesque bays.

If you are sailing to Greece, you will need to know how to park your boat using what is known as Roman Catholic mooring, or stern to the pier and anchor. In the article Anchoring stern to the pier at the forward anchor we give you step by step advice on how to do it.

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