Introduction to nautical compasses

This article unveils the leading compass brands, ensuring accurate navigation for all your adventures.

Navigating the vast expanse of the sea has always been a challenge. One tool has remained a constant companion to sailors and mariners throughout history: the compass.

Types of compasses

Navigational tools come in various forms, each serving a unique purpose.

Directional compasses

These compasses provide a general sense of direction, helping sailors maintain a course.

Bearing compass

Used to determine the direction to an object in the distance, bearing compasses are essential for precise navigation.

Sighting compass

With a sighting compass, one can view an object and read its bearing simultaneously, ensuring accuracy.

Handheld compass

Compact and portable, handheld compasses are perfect for those on the move, whether on land or sea.

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Choosing the right compass for your needs

Factors to consider

When selecting a compass, consider its durability, accuracy, size, and the type of boating you'll be doing.

Recommendations for different types of boats

For larger vessels, a fixed compass is ideal. For smaller boats or kayaks, a handheld or sighting compass might be more suitable.

The compass will be your faithful friend at sea.

The compass will be your faithful friend at sea.

List of top brands 

  1. Suunto - Renowned for their precision and durability, especially popular among outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. Silva - A trusted name in the world of orienteering and outdoor activities.
  3. Brunton - Known for their professional-grade compasses used by geologists and surveyors.
  4. Plastimo - A leading name in marine compasses, ensuring safe navigation on the seas.
  5. Ritchie Navigation - Specializes in marine compasses with a reputation for accuracy and reliability.
  6. Cammenga - Often associated with military-grade compasses, known for their ruggedness.
  7. Garmin - While more famous for their GPS devices, they also offer compasses with advanced features.
  8. Stanley London - Renowned for their beautifully crafted, antique-style brass compasses.
  9. K&R - A German brand known for its precision and high-quality engineering in compass design.
  10. Coghlan's - Popular among campers and hikers for their functional and affordable compasses.

These brands have established themselves over the years, offering a range of compasses suitable for various activities, from marine navigation to hiking and orienteering.

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