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Viking Yachts 82 EB

If you are looking to buy a used or new Viking Yachts 82 EB yacht, we have all the information you need. List price for the 82 EB is $62,700.00, with a bottom price of $27,800.00, typical price of $32,350.00 and top price of $38,150.00. The 82 EB features 2 300 HP Gasoline engines and is 44 feet in length. A inboard yacht, the 82 EB’s hull is made of wood, features a 14 foot 6 inch beam and weighs in at a net 26,000 pounds.

The 82 EB was manufactured during the years: .

The most popular sales locations by state for the 82 EB are: Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Alabama, New York, Washington, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Florida, Missouri, New Jersey, Delaware, Minnesota, Michigan, North Carolina, Louisiana and California.

Since Bob and Bill Healey bought a small, struggling New Jersey builder of 37-foot, wooden sportfishing boats, they began to devote themselves to marine industry. In 1964, Bob and Bill Healey founded Viking Yacht Company with its main target in producing convertibles, enclosed bridge models and open yachts. This company has manufactured over 4,000 yachts during four and a half decades according to sources. Viking Yachts Short Motor Yacht is a popular inboard yacht for its roomy and much cheaper. With its hull constructed of wood, it is 44 feet in total length and 14 feet 6 inches in beam size, its typical price is $38,150.

While if you do not want you\\\'re the hull of your yacht made of wood, and you want to choose one has a fractional difference in prices with the Short Motor Yacht, here comes Viking Yachts Short Sedan Fisherman 40 with a typical price of $33,250. It is 40 feet in length and 14 feet 6 inches in beam size, it features 2 225 HP Diesel engine and weighs 28,000 pounds. Of course, its hull is made of fiberglass. Another addition is Viking Yachts Short Sedan Fisherman 35, but it is much smaller and much cheaper. Its typical price is $25,000 with a length of 35 feet and a beam dimension of 13 feet 1 inch, it weighs about 21,000 pounds.

If you do not care about the material of the hull, and you find the Short Motor Yacht exceed your budget, think about Viking Yachts Short Sedan. With a typical price of $21,950, it features 2 225 HP Gasoline engines and is 38 feet in length. Its hull is constructed of wood and weighs 20,000 pounds in total with a beam size of 13 feet 10 inches.

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