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Sunseeker Yachts

Poole Boat Works is the company we now know as Sunseeker Yachts. It started out of a small shed in the United Kingdom and over the years grew to a large manufacturing facility. The available model includes: 30 Meter Yacht, 34 Meter Yacht, 37 Meter Yacht, 40 Meter Yacht, 46 Meter Yacht, 80 Yacht, and 88 Yacht. When trying to deice which yacht model you are interested in, it is best to keep in mind the conversion between feet and meters, with one meter equal to 3.28 feet. The company started its success when they were showing off their 17 and 23 feet long models and were approached by a Frenchmen who suggested they add a full sun bed and make them all white. Once they adapted the boats to his suggestions, the company took off. Once the boats are designed with the assistance of a computer and the parts are made, the boats are assembled by hand to ensure top quality for their future owners. Originally made from all wood, the boats are now made from fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. Though new pricing has to be obtained from a dealer, used pricing is around $495,000.

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Most Popular Sunseeker Yacht Models
108 Predator 40 Superhawk 60 Predator
115 Predator 43 Superhawk 64 Predator
130 Predator 46 Metre 68 Predator
29 Mohawk 47 Portofino 70 Manhattan
30 Metre 48 Portofino 74 Predator
34 Metre 48 Superhawk 80 Yacht
34 Superhawk 52 Manhattan 82 Yacht
35 Portofino 53 Portofino 84 Predator
37 Metre 54 Predator 88 Yacht
40 Metre 55 Predator 92 Sport Predator
40 Portofino 60 Manhattan XS Sport
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