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Nordic Tugs Yachts

The 1980 Seattle International Boat Show was the platform for the launch of the first boat from Nordic Tugs. A luxury powerboat in the form of a tug was completely new but was immediately well received by the attendees of the show. The company averaged a sale for every three hours the show was open, truly impressive at the time. The idea of creating a tug powerboat can be credited to the company founder, Jerry Husted. He thought the tug’s shape would appear cute to women and rugged to men making it a crossover favorite, and he was right. The shape was also important to another part of Husted’s plan. The oil shortage of the 1970s had left him convinced there was a need for fuel efficient pleasure powerboats. This proved true not only for the economy then but for today’s economy as well. The headquarters and plant have moved from Woodinville, Washington, to Burlington, Washington, and the plant facilities have continued to expand on a regular basis as the popularity of the line grows. New Nordic Tugs range in price from between around $800,000 to about $1.5 million. Previously owned tugs can be found from around $80,000 to about $700,000.

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Most Popular Nordic Tugs Yacht Models
Cruise Tug 26 Nordic Tug 37 All Climate Nrdc Tug 37 Cool Climate
Cruise Tug 32/ph Nordic Tug 42 Nrdc Tug 37 Cool Clmt/co
Nordic Tug 26 Nordic Tug 42 All Climate Nrdc Tug 37 Nrthn Clmt
Nordic Tug 32 Nordic Tug 49 Nrdc Tug 37 Nrthn Clmt/co
Nordic Tug 32 + Nordic Tug 52 Nrdc Tug 42 All Climate
Nordic Tug 32 All Climate Nordic Tug 54 Nrdc Tug 42 Cool Climate
Nordic Tug 32/ph Nrdc Tug 32 Cool Climate Nrdc Tug 42 Nrthn Clmt
Nordic Tug 37 Nrdc Tug 37 All Clmt/co Sport Tug 26
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