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From a 35-foot sports boat to a 95-foot luxury yacht, Jefferson Yachts has been making well-engineered boats since 1982. Found in Jeffersonville, Indiana, this company produces today five types of yachts, which include the Marquessa Yacht, Marlago Yacht, Starship Yacht, Rivanna Yacht, and Pilothouse Yacht. Each one is specifically designed for you so that you get the most satisfaction from your purchase. Of the five types, the Pilothouse Series is a popular one. With boats ranging from 53’ to 64’, these yachts can carry 800 gallons of fuel and 200 gallons of water. Also, they have many pleasant accommodations, which include a roomy saloon, ample interior space, a walk-around deck, a queen size bed, and wood paneling that beautifully accents the inside of the boat. One of Jefferson’s biggest boats, the 82-foot Starship Pilothouse, costs $3.44 million brand new. A second yacht series, the Rivanna Yacht, also has appealing features. Some of these include two beds in the guestroom, a queen size bed, shower, and tub in the master stateroom, a completely equipped galley, and a large saloon with an L-shaped sofa and entertainment center. Costing anywhere from $600,000 to $742,000, the Rivanna Yacht can carry up to 420 gallons of fuel and 200 gallons of water in its tanks. Also, it ranges from 42’ to 50’ long. Whether you choose a sporty Marlago yacht or a plush Rivanna Yacht, Jefferson Yachts will give you a boat that is nationally certified, well-designed, and luxury-centered.

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Most Popular Jefferson Yacht Models
4300 International/my Jefferson 42/sf Marquessa Sdh/my
4800 International/my Jefferson 45/fm Marquessa Standard Dh/my
49 Pilot House/my Jefferson 46/fm Marquessa Std Dh/my
52 Pilot House Se/my Jefferson 46/sf Marquessa Std Dhmy
52 Pilot House/my Jefferson 47/fm Marquessa/my
53 Pilot House/my Jefferson 48/co Monticello 52/fm
5300 International/my Jefferson 48/fm Monticello 56/cm
57 Pilot House/my Jefferson 48/sf Monticello 56/fm
61 Pilot House/my Jefferson 48/tm Monticello Fdfb Ckpt/my
63 Pilot House/my Jefferson 52/fm Monticello Fdfb Cockpit
64 Pilot House/my Jefferson 52/my Monticello Fdfb/my
6400 International/my Jefferson 52/sf Rivanna 48/cm
6400 International/pm Jefferson 52/tm Rivanna 48/sm
Convertible Jefferson 60/fm Rivanna 52/cm
Fs-31 Marlago Jefferson 65/cm Rivanna 52/sm
Fs-31 Marlago/cc Marlago 43/sm Rivanna 56/cm
Fs-35 Marlago Marlago 46/cm Rivanna Cockpit/my
Fs-35 Marlago/cc Marlago 46/sm Rivanna Se Sendeck/my
Fs31 Marlago Sport/cc Marlago Cockpit/my Rivanna Se Sundeck/my
Fs31 Marlago/cc Marlago Sundeck/my Rivanna Sedan/my
Fs35 Marlago Sport/cc Marquessa 52 Deckhse/my Rivanna Sundeck/my
Fs35 Marlago Sport/cd Marquessa 52 Ext Dkh/cm Rivanna Yacht Fisher/my
Fs35 Marlago/cc Marquessa 52 Ext Dkh/my Se Cockpit/my
Grand Marquessa 60/my Marquessa 52/cm Se Convertible
Grand Marquessa 65/cm Marquessa 56 Ext Dkh/cm Se Sundeck/my
Grand Marquessa 65/my Marquessa 56 Ext Dkh/my Starship Deck Hse/my
Grand Marquessa Ckpt/my Marquessa 56 Ls Dkh/my Starship Pilot Hse/my
Grand Marquessa Cockpit Marquessa 56/cm Sundeck Mtr Yacht 42 Se
Grand Marquessa Edh Cpt Marquessa Cockpit/my Viscount 37/sm
Grand Marquessa Edh/my Marquessa Edh Ckpt/my Viscount 40/cm
Grand Marquessa/my Marquessa Edh Cockpit Viscount 42/sm
Jefferson 37/co Marquessa Edh Cockpit/my Viscount 45/cm
Jefferson 40/co Marquessa Edh/my Viscount Cockpit/my
Jefferson 40/fm Marquessa Ext Dh/my Viscount Sundeck/my
Jefferson 42/fm Marquessa Extended Dh/my  
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